Femi Kuti and His Estranged Wife Funke Loving Up

XCLUSIVE! Femi Kuti and Estranged Wife Funke Set to Remarry

Afrobeat King Femi Kuti and Estranged Wife to Remarry
Afrobeat King Femi Kuti and His Estranged Wife Funke Loving Up
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Judging by the public display of affection that the public has witnessed from the estranged couple in recent times, it is not rude or wrong to ask questions if the duo of Femi and Funke Kuti are back together for good!

The couple have been spotted and photographed together on many occasions and they have smartly denied the claims of trying to spark the relationship.

Both Funke and the Afrobeat king Femi Kuti have responded often that they are just friends and it is important for them to remain so for the sake of their only son Mosunmade!

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However, if we had believed them then, we find it hard to believe them now as the most recent of their outing as a couple, confirmed our suspicions that the divorced couple might still be hung on each other after all.

According to an insider who would rather remain anonymous, the public display of affection we have witnessed from the couple is not a facade, it is actually the real thing as the couple plans to reconcile soon, for the sake of their son whom they both love.

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“The truth is, their divorce was the mistake, not the coming back together. They never got over each other,” the insider revealed.

Tunde and Wunmi Obe’s album listening party was the outing that opened the public’s eyes to the duo! And eyebrows have raised in puzzlement since then.

Xclusive Magazine can reliably say that the couple has seriously considered coming back together and it will happen anytime soon.

Although Femi Kuti has trailed the paths of his father Afrobeat legend, late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and has several Baby mamas with offsprings to show for it, we gathered that Funke remains the love of his life!

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