ex-militant Asari Dokubo

Urhobo Militant Group Claims Responsibility for Trunklines Explosion

Urhobo Militant Group Blow Up Trunklines in Delta

Urhobo Militant Group talking tough like ex-militant Asari Dokubo

An Urhobo militant group, known as Urhobo Gbagbako, on Wednesday April 29 claimed responsibility for two explosions that occurred at two major gas trunklines in Delta State.

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According to reports that followed the incidence, the affected trunklines belonging to the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), located on the boundaries of Afiesere and Ekredjebo communities and Otedo and Edjovwe communities, both in Ughelli North and Ughelli South Local Government Areas of Delta State.

The spokesperson of the Militia group (Urhobo Gbagbako), Priest Omodjuvwu, released a statement claiming responsibility for this act and the reason for their illegal and even criminal deed.

He said: “These petty crumb eaters can only cause pains to the NPDC, Shoreline and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, in a promised sham settlement to the lingering crises to these companies and government agencies.

“In believing the empty promises of these evil doers and traitors, you continue to slowly drive your NPDC, NNPC and Shoreline into a certain abyss you will never recover from and we the Urhobo nation will continue to demand for our fair share of the pipeline surveillance contract jobs for the sake of equity and justice.

“We, Urhobo Gbagbako, a militia group of all ex-militants, youths, women and elders of Urhobo ethnic nationality, did not and have not given any individual or group, authority to speak on our behalf on any issue as it concerns the pipeline surveillance contract job.”

Confirming the incidence, the President General of Afiesere community, Emmanuel Shikaleke, while speaking with some men of the press stated:, “I was called by officials of NPDC, who had earlier come to assess the level of damage on the trunklines by the actions of the boys. For now, there is nothing we can do other than leave the matter for the authorities to handle. As I speak with you, men of the Nigerian Army are at the scene to forestall further attack.”