How to Undress Your Girlfriend

How to Undress Your Girlfriend, sexually

  1. Focus on her with piercing your eyes. Look at her when she is talking. Your girlfriend, a woman’s emotions are strongly revealed in her eyes. Let her soul feel naked before you.
  2. Study her curves and how her clothes hug and adorn her body. Notice her when she walks in the room, be fascinated by her walking style and posture, be aware of the efforts she makes to look good. She is yours. It’s never about her clothes but the body her clothes decorate. Undress her with your eyes, even when she is fully clothed.
  3. Don’t peruse through the mind of your Girlfriend, explore it. Ask her opinion on issues, dig into her way of thinking, know how she reasons, challenge her, stimulate her mind, get to the corners of her deep mind where no one dares to venture. Undress her mind. A woman loves it when she feels understood. That her man/husband gets her.
  4. Call out her inner being. Awaken her spirituality by engaging her in devotions, meditation, worship, prayers and your own spiritual growth. She is a spiritual being, go beyond her physical beauty and mental intelligence. Undress your Girlfriend spiritually. That woman you kiss, love, dance with, make love to, laugh with, share the marriage bed with; she is a spirit living in a sexy female body.
  5. Unravel her past experiences and memories. Ask questions about her past, not in an interrogative and judgmental way but with love and care. Undress her past. Her past has made her the attractive woman you now love. You don’t qualify to really be her life partner if you don’t respect and know the journey she has walked.
  6. Decode her dreams. Find out what fires her up, what ignites her. Get to her silent prayers and desires. People don’t bother to find out her future plans and what is close to her heart. Undress her dreams till you see the fire in her for the things she is passionate about.
  7. Undress her heart. Peel the protective layers she has covered her heart with over the years. Show her she can trust you and her heart will be naked for you to marvel at and love.
  8. Undress her emotions. Don’t be scared of her various moods. Know why she acts the way she does. Love her hormonal self. When she gets moody, get tricks to make her smile. When she gets angry, know when to keep silent and when to hug her close. When she’s feeling sexy and naughty, be aware of it and play along. When she is overjoyed by something, share her joy and excitement.
  9. Undress her days. Ask her how she is. Ask how her day went. Be her diary where she journals her day to day events. Let her narrate to you her pleasant experiences and struggles. Get naked too. Tell her how your day was too.
  10. Undress her body. Touch her with your masculine hands to the point her body heats up and her clothes come off. Melt the fabrics that block you from her skin. Undress her, your wife. She loves it when her clothes fall down for you.
  11. Undress her sexually. Mine her sensations looking for every possible pleasure. Know her insides. The goal is not merely an orgasm, the goal is intimacy.
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