Arthur Boje, Esq

Seadogs Call for Arrest of Northern Youths Coalition Ringleaders

In a very terse statement signed by their International leader, Arthur Boje Esq., the National Association of Seadogs (NAS) a.k.a Pyrates Confraternity, has called on appropriate authorities to immediately apprehend and detain the ring leaders of the so-called Coalition of Northern Youths (CNY) that issued a 90-day ultimatum to Nigerians of Igbo extraction to relocate from the entire Northern region, reports. (Watch the Video here:)

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The Seadogs in the statement urged the Federal Government, the security agencies and all other relevant authorities to “match their words of rebuke with the appropriate action by arresting the ring leaders.”

The statement also read in part: “Without a shadow of a doubt, every Nigerian citizen, regardless of their ethnic background, is guaranteed the right under the Nigerian Constitution to move freely, and to reside, acquire and own immovable property in any part of the country without molestation. The text and tenor of the so-called Kaduna Declaration clearly violates these constitutional rights of the persons and ethnic group at which they are targeted. They are hateful, intemperate and clearly designed to incite violence and create instability and chaos in the Nigerian State.”

Seadogs, in the press release said that “In generally accepting and being supportive of peaceful initiatives towards self-determination by any ethnic groups or peoples, we however, condemn the excesses of separatist groups such as the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB).”

The group, in pointing out that “much of the turmoil being experienced in Nigeria of late including the growth and activities of such groups as the IPOB, MASSOB, Niger Delta Avengers, Odua People’s Congress and indeed the proponents of the dastardly ‘Kaduna Declaration’ are symptomatic of the mass dissatisfaction of the Nigerian people with the structure and practice of our peculiar brand of Federalism,” also noted with dismay that this “unfortunate, shocking and unconscionable message of hatred and divisiveness has been endorsed by a number of prominent Northerners including, in particular, the retired university Vice Chancellor Professor Ango Abdullahi, who claimed to have been speaking in his capacity as a spokesman for the Northern Elders Forum, albeit subsequently disowned by the Forum.”

In a veiled reference to the detention and trial of Nnamdi Kalu, the leader of IPOB, Seadogs averred that “It is critical that in handling this, the government must be evenhanded, so as not to create or foster the impression that those responsible for the ultimatum are either untouchable or tacitly supported by the government. This matter must, therefore, be treated with the same swiftness and professionalism that has been applied by the security agencies in other cases.”

“We urge both the executive branch and the National Assembly to carefully consider these issues and take urgent steps towards systematically collating and resolving the grievances and agitations of the various constituent parts of the country. And as long as the relevant discussions are allowed to proceed in a peaceful manner, all options should be on the table including constitutional amendment or overhaul, devolution of more fiscal and political powers to the federating units, resizing of the federating units, and the infusion of much needed intra-state or intra-regional fiscal and other competition. In embarking on this exercise, nothing stops the government from considering the reports and deliberations of say Constitutional Conference of 2014.” The statement concluded.

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