Salman of Saudi Arabia (INSET) Kwara Governor, Abdulfatah Ahmed

How Saudi Arabia Money Is stirring Religious Tension In Ilorin

Saudi Arabia money is stirring religious tension in Ilorin. Fresh insight as to the cause of growing religious tension in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital became manifest to XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE after detailed investigation.

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Rather than a covert attempt at islamizing the state is it being bandied by Christian religious leaders both at the state and at the national level, money from Saudi Arabia and some Mid Eastern charities are being fingered as the cause.

Ilorin came abuzz recently after claims were made that government schools have begun forcefully teaching Islamic religious studies to pupils and students. The allegations gained traction after government further tinkered with the national educational curriculum lumping both Christian Religious Studies and its counterpart into one subject.

The controversies went further in Ilorin after surreptitious attempts were made to reclaim land on which some churches were built. For instance, local Christian leaders in Ilorin are still smarting from an episode where a certain New Era Church was forced to repurchase or vacate the land on which the church was built.

Another, Emmanuel Baptist Church is alleged to have received verbal warnings of impending eviction on its land. As learnt, the move is being pushed by the Ilorin Descendants Progressive Union, IDPU. Another group said to be behind this is Darul Kitab, an Islamic organisation said to have been linked to Osama Bin Laden’s operation in Sudan.

XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE gathered that some of this monies comes with conditions which necessarily stipulates that the funds are meant for propagation of Islam. “To qualify for some of this funding, the donor seekers have to show that the city or municipality seeking the money are predominantly Islam,” explained an Imam in Ilorin.”

He further told XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE that before now, all that was required were video clips showing people worshipping in designated mosques in the area to access money.

“The intention of this money is not forceful conversion into Islam as being bandied. The purpose is for building places of worships, Islamic schools and for helping indigent Muslims,” the Imam said.

Over the years, XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE was further informed, people from the country and Ilorin have been making fictitious claims with a view to accessing such money. Most of the charities from Saudi Arabia now come to the country to verify claims made groups from the town.

It was on one of those visits that they spotted the number of churches and Christian centers in the area, thereby botching the plans to receive grants from the Islamic charity.

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