Reasons Men Give for Cheating

Is it true that we live in a man’s world? Does this mean that men can cheat on women and get away with it? Or do men have a good reason for cheating on their partners? Well as I said before, men will give you all the reasons why they cheat and most of these reasons are told to their girlfriends in bed, just after getting a mind-blowing squeeze.

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Ladies, now talking from experience, some men cheat because the wife is always nagging. Some of us ladies are experts in this department. We always complain about the same thing for a year and give a man migraine headaches. Now imagine if this traumatised man gets a girlfriend who calls him sweetie and attends to all his emotional needs. Ladies, nagging your man constantly while using a hoarse voice is enough to drive your man into another woman’s arms. By the way, there are a lot of single mothers who are ready to grab any neglected men out there, especially hefty Nigerian guys.

Some men would cheat because their wives are no longer attractive. One of my ex-boyfriends told me that his wife now makes him feel like he’s sleeping with his mother. The wife is now fat, unattractive with a big tummy and it’s becoming a pain to go to parties with her. This obviously means that there’s no more excitement in bed. Ladies, it’s no longer fashionable to be so big and look like we are pregnant all the time. I know we love our African food, but we need to look slim and attractive.

Another reason men give for cheating is because the wife doesn’t satisfy him anymore. Or she doesn’t want to try exciting techniques in bed: it’s always the missionary position. Imagine if your man is exhausted from work and you ask the poor guy to get on top, he will end up giving excuses and that’s why it’s important, ladies, to sometimes take the lead in the bedroom and let your imagination run wild. If you do not help your man in this case, he will get help from outside.

Some men cheat simply because variety is the spice of life. Some even justify this by stating “men cannot live on bread alone.” I know this sounds ridiculous, but does this mean that men are simply greedy and can never get satisfied? Or are we ladies not really meeting our men’s needs. Talking from experience, I say once a cheater always a cheater and no matter what trick you try to keep a cheating man happy, he will find a reason to cheat.

Having said all these, now let’s look at things objectively. I believe that men don’t have a valid reason for cheating because if a man really loves you your short comings will not put him off, but instead he should help you to improve and not go outside to look for excitement all in the name of not wanting to divorce his wife because of the children. Since we now live in a civilised world should women retaliate by also having an affair because in Europe marriage is between two equals and it takes two to play the game?

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