Barrister Princess Pat Ajudua

POINT AND KILL: How Ajudua Underdeveloped Delta Oshimili North

  • Fritters away N880 Million Constituency Allowance
  • Abandoned Projects litter her constituency
  • Builds School and hotel worth N1billion in home State

Barrister Pat Princess Ajudua aka Tunjila Corporate Services

Barrister Pat Princess Ajudua aka Tunjila Corporate Services

Babylon system is the vampire, falling empire,
Suckin’ the blood of the sufferers!
Building church and university, Deceiving the people continually,
Me say them, graduatin’ thieves and murderers.
Tell the children the truth.
Come on and tell the children the truth.
‘Cause, we’ve been trodding on ya winepress much too long,
Rebel, rebel!
And we’ve been taken for granted much too long,
Rebel, rebel now!

– Bob Marley, “Babylon System”

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Two weeks to the Nigeria’s General Elections, Pat Princess Ajudua has gone on a macabre dance in the name of electioneering. On 15 March 2015 in a political rally at Ogboli, Ibusa, Delta State, she and her political thugs openly brandished cutlasses and threatened to “kill” anyone who dared to stand on her way to victory in the 11 April House of Assembly elections.

“They threatened us with machetes. They said if we knew we were not going to vote for them, it would be better we stay indoors because we would regret what would happen to us. We were very shocked to be so brazenly intimidated,” an eye-witness told XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE.

Those who know Adankele, as Princess Ajudua is fondly called, very well and her penchant for using ‘thuggery,” violence and murder to achieve political goals, advised that her threat to voters at Ogboli should be taken seriously by the electorate in the entire Oshimili North. They insisted that Mrs Ajudua, in collusion with Peter Nwaoboshi, has presided over the rancorous, acrimonious and very bloody nature of Oshimili politics, what a source refers to as “Point and Kill Politics”

On 31 August 2014, an assassination attempt was made on the life of an All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain in the Oshimili North, Chief Kizito Ijeh. At the time, Chief Ijeh had indicated his interest to run for the State House of assembly on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC) and his well-oiled campaign structure was in full swing.

He had said on Facebook: “The ugly incident of Sunday to me is a wake-up call that maybe, somehow, my cry for the emancipation of my people must be touching some raw nerves. I will not stop!!! Dead or alive, I will not stop!! Life belongs to God!!!”

Although Kizito did not mention any name, many who read his post on Facebook knew he was referring to Adankele, who at the time was his main opponent running for the House on PDP platform.

While Chief Ijeh was very lucky to have escaped unhurt during the attempt on his life, Moses Onianwa Mozenge, 25, was not that lucky. He was allegedly shot dead by policemen attached to Ibusa Police Station in Delta State on the day of Local Government Area elections. It was reported then in the local media that Moses, who worked with Oshimili North LGA, was monitoring the elections with three other friends when police allegedly pursued and shot at them somewhere around Asaba. He died from the gunshot wounds on 30 October 2014.

While Xclusive Magazine is unable to establish Mrs Ajudua’s direct involvement in the politically motivated murder of the 25-year-old Moses, the insinuation from the people of the Oshimili North is that Ajudua is adept at using unlawful means to push her way through, even where she is not wanted.

The assassination attempt on Kizito and the cold-blooded murder of Moses are but just two instances of many fatalities that have occurred so far in the run up to the Oshimili North’s House of Assembly elections. And there is the palpable fear in Oshimili North that the Senatorial and House of Assembly elections may be the bloodiest in Delta State because the deadly duo Princess and Nwaoboshi are facing two formidable opponents in the APGA House of Assembly Candidate Chief Tony Azuya and the former speaker and Accord Party Senatorial candidate Rt Hon. Victor Ochei, respectively.

Constituency Allowance or Allocation
Those who have things to hide have every reason to fear opposition. Our investigation reveals that Ajudua’s almost eight years in the House of Assembly has been characterised by massive looting and underdevelopment of Oshimili North Local Government Area. Despite the fact that a whopping 880 million Naira has accrued to Oshimili North in Constituency Allowance in almost eight years, it remains the least developed Local Governments in the whole of Delta State.

A source who knows the in and out of the workings of the Delta State House of Assembly explains: “Constituency allowance or allocation of N100m for members and N120m for principal officers is approved by the Governor for members of the House of Assembly every year. The allowance is not given as cash nor paid up-front. The idea behind it is to give a house member the opportunity to bring projects to his or her constituency. He or she completes the work, either directly or through party members (patronage), gets paid. The constituency enjoys the project. The member makes profit from the contract too.

“Princess should have had at least N100m constituency allowance for each year for about 8 years – even more because she was a principal officer in her first term. And no matter what, there should have been visible projects handled and completed over the years,” said our source.

Adankele being a principal officer as the Minority leader in the House of Assembly on the platform of Accord Party, from 2007 to 2011 the Constituency allowance for Oshimili North was N120m a year, totalling N480million in 4 years. And as just member of the House on the platform of PDP, from 2011 to 2015 the Constituency allowance for Oshimili North is now pegged at N100m a year, totalling N400million in 4 years. It is simple arithmetic, therefore, that in almost 8 years that Mrs Ajudua has been in the House, Oshimili North would have received a whopping N880 million Constituency allowance for its development.

Our bird-eye reporter combed the LG thoroughly, but could not find any visible projects that the former Commissioner for Special Duty and Public Works can claim to have attracted to Oshimili North. From Akwukwu-Igbo through Atuma, Illah, Ebu, Ukala, Ibusa, Okpanam down to Ugbolu, the length and breadth of Oshimili North is littered with abandoned projects.

St Thomas School Hall Ibusa is the only fully completed project to her name. But even at that, Xclusive Magazine gathered that she completed it the first time and was issued with Certificate of Job Completion, but the hall collapsed after few months. She recently rebuilt it and was again issued another Certificate of Job Completion. Two Certificates of Job Completion, translate to two different payments for one project.

According to a source, there is the possibility that the project will raise a third Certificate of Job Completion. “The topography of the land where the building is located is not good; it is an erosion gully and it will cave in again once the rain starts coming. It is in a bad shape.”

Ibusa-Illah Water Projects
The project which appears to be Princess’ waterloo is the contract for the Rehabilitation of Ibusa Water Project. According to the documents exclusively obtained by Xclusive Magazine, a forty million naira (N40million) contract for the Rehabilitation of Ibusa Water Project was awarded to TUNJILA CORPORATE SERVICES. In a letter from the Ministry of Water Resources Development Asaba, dated 1 July 2009, the company was given 10 weeks to complete the job.

Contract Offer Letter to Princess Pat Ajudua aka Tunjila corporate Services

Contract Offer Letter to Princess Pat Ajudua aka Tunjila Corporate Services

On paper, the contractor for the rehabilitation of Ibusa water project was Tunjila Corporate Services. But our investigations revealed that in reality TUNJILA is a phantom company, hurriedly registered to serve the personal interest of the pint-size former minority leader in the Delta State House of Assembly. Smart Princess is the contractor, using one Mr Anene Chigbue as a cover. The address stated in the Bill of Quantity is fake, and Princess was the sole signatory to the Afribank account into which the contract sum was paid.

For N40million, she got some local boys to clean up the reservoir built by her husband in the 90s. They also cleared the undergrowth around the reservoir, bought a small generating set and fenced the area. A source inside the State Ministry of Water Resources Development confided in Xclusive Magazine that on the Ministry’s record, the Ibusa Water Project is marked as completed, and as far as Delta State government is concerned water is up and running in Ibusa. The ministry also has on its record that 3 drums of diesel are being supplied every week to the Ibusa water board to power the electricity generating set due to the epileptic power supply (in a town that has been without power supply for nearly four years).

Xclusive Magazine has it on good authority that #120,000,000 has so far been disbursed for that water project since 2009. Adankele, working in collusion with the then Director of Water Resources Engr Omare and the Secretary Engr H.O. Idama who signed the contract offer letter, pocketed #100,000,000. House members who allowed the bill to pass shared #20,000,000. Xclusive Magazine also discovered that similar water project was approved for Illah, which like that of Ibusa, lies comatose.

Babylon System
Princess’ idea of politics is that it has to be played with a “Babylon mentality.” She sees corruption and political violence as veritable instruments that criminal-minded politicians must wield to exploit and oppress the masses.

It is impossible to find an Anioma politician who has contributed more than Princess in the underdevelopment of Oshimili North. Princess achieved this inglorious fit by exporting the massive gains from Delta State to Rivers State, her State of Origin, thereby depriving the people of Oshimili North the benefit of their common wealth.

A source who worked very closely with Princess but had since parted company with her said: “Princess is playing politics like someone working in a foreign country, and remits back home every penny she has earned with the hope that one day she will return home to enjoy the fruit of her labour.”

In the run up to the 2011 elections when they were sworn enemies, Barrister Peter Nwaoboshi alleged that Princess owned Princess International School and a five star hotel in Rivers State. Experts valued both projects at over one billion Naira. Barrister Nwaoboshi had claimed at the time that Barrister Pat Ajudua had financed the gigantic projects with proceeds from the economic rape she had perpetrated in Oshimili North, an allegation Princess has never denied.

Babylon system is the vampire, falling empire… For those who understand Marley’s “Babylon System” song above, they know that a new world order is looming, that Pat Princess Ajudua (with Peter Nwaoboshi) is heading towards the end of her political career in few weeks.

Who will tame Ajudua?
The emergence of the APGA’s House of Assembly candidate Chief Tony Azuya appears to have given the people of Oshimili North renewed hope that the diminutive wife of Fred Chijindu Ajudua is coming to the end of her political career.

Political analysts insist that the Chief Executive officer of Technocrime Security is the most formidable opponent Princess will be facing in eight years, maintaining that the security czar is expected to win by a landslide, come 11 April House of Assembly elections.

One political analyst however warned that defeating Ajudua in the polls is but one of the two main hurdles to cross to dislodge her completely from the State House of Assembly. He told Xclusive Magazine that she has a reputation for using the courts to rubbish the will and mandate of the electorate.

“The political momentum is with Chief Tony Azuya. He will definitely defeat Princess by a landslide. But the woman is known among top judges as someone who pays handsomely to get ruling in her favour, whether it is to get his husband released from custody or to fight political battles. So my advice to Chief Azuya is: start preparing for the courts,” he said.

The analyst points the example of the former State Commissioner for Local Governments Mr Patrick Mozea, who took Princess to the cleaners in the 2011 House of Assembly Elections, but lost in the courts. The analyst alleged that Princess bribed the judge with a whopping thirty million naira.

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