FACE-OFF: Mr Aye Dee and Linda Ikeji

Plagiarism: Whistleblower Receives Death Threat from Angry Fan, Linda Ikeji fights Dirty!

Linda Ikeji has begun to fight Dirty! Earlier today, Mr Aye Dee receives death threat from an upset fan of Linda Ikeji, 35, after he blew the whistle on the multi-millionaire blogger for copyrights infringement.

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The tweeter AlabamaU2 (twitter handle: (@AlabamaU2Blog) has blasted the whistleblower, telling him that he “should just leave @lindaikeji alone” and threatening: “MrAyeDee, You will DIE a PAINFUL DEATH!

Last week, Mr. Aye Dee (twitter handle: @MrAyeDee), a Nigerian based in New York, United States (as stated on his Twitter account), had dragged the Nigerian mega-rich blogger Linda to the gutters with the accusation that she lifted numerous contents and images from sources such as TMZ, Getty images, Daily Mail UK, and AMA Sports without their permission, or without adequate acknowledgments.

Her (Linda’s) archives are populated with stolen material,” Mr Dee tweeted to his 3,141 Twitter followers. He had subsequently, with hastags, alerted the companies whose materials Linda has lifted without permission, and perhaps by direct messaging also, which XCLUSIVE Magazine is unable to ascertain.

All the offending images and contents had since been pulled down from the blog by the multi-millionaire blogger, who recently purchased a 24million Naira brand new 2014 Range Rover Sport Supercharged. But the whistleblower is still on top of the story, as he has been for days. Yesterday, he tweeted with aplomb: “A little bird told me today might be the last day @lindaikeji’s blog exists….

Mr Dee sees in his ferocious pursuit of Linda’s plagiarism charge as “a case study for Nigerians and Nigeria on plagiarism.” And he is getting supports from some Nigerians such as antiyhello (Twitter handle: @antiyhello): “@MrAyeDee I really hope that u see this thru 2 d end. she has made a lot of money off other ppl’s sweat and must be stopped.”

However, not all Nigerians are particularly happy with Mr Dee’s motive and approach. Other very sensitive Nigerians, and possibly Linda Ikeji’s admirers, dismissed Mr Dee as acting “like an ostreogen driven man,” and his plagiarism charge as a “hidden agenda,” “personal attack” and “smear campaign.”

Chude Jideonwo (Twitter handle: @chude), a longtime admirer of Linda and co-owner of Ynaija, tweets that this is not necessarily hate-agenda, but “a refusal to accept her [Linda’s] legitimacy.”

Linda Ikeji shows off her brand new 2014 Range Rover

Linda Ikeji shows off her brand new 2014 Range Rover

In spite of the tsunami blowing around her, to Linda Ikeji it was business as usual up until now. The Celeb Spinster who is not a Wife Material had maintained a stoic silence and continued to update her blog, and smiling to the bank! But today she has come out smoking.

In a lengthy reply to Mr Aye Dee’s accusation of plagiarism, entitled To the guys that want to take down LIB, here’s a message to you.. lol, Linda Ikeji fights back and hard. “Now let me tell you who these guys are,” she wrote in her blog. “They are IT people, security experts who know how the internet works. They are hackers and cyber-squatters…and only go after the biggest internet setups.

She also fights dirty: “Now let me give you guys a bit who this Aye Dee guy is. He’s anonymous on Twitter. Nobody really knows who he is but according to those investigating him, his name is Emmanuel Efremov simply known as EE by his friends. He’s the owner of 15Past8.com media group. Based in Manhattan. Gets funding from some US organization. (His number – 212 9608127). He’s apparently been stalking me for years now and have registered quite a number of my domain names…lindaikeji.net plus 8 others. He also owns 9jalife.com…yep, he owns a blog. He accuses me of copyright infringement but when you go to 9jalife and other websites he owns…98% of the things he has on there are other people’s content. You see pot calling kettle black? Lol.

Finally, she gives an uppercut with vicious feminist force: “So Mr Aye Dee, Mr EE, Mr #bringmedown or whoever you are and Jeremy Weate (look who is talking ..lol) and all the others talking, I am not afraid of you! You didn’t bring me this far and you’re not enough to bring me down. Like if you dream it, speak it, act it, hope it, envision it, see it, pray it….YOU are not enough! You can’t bring a good woman down.

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