Okowa’s 98-Member Transition Committee Attacked as “Madness”!

Okowa's 98-Member Transition Committee Attacked as “Madness”!

Delta State governor-elect Dr Ifeanyi Okowa

The Delta State governor-elect Dr Ifeanyi Okowa is yet to assume office but the jury is already out with a very long knife on whether Delta State is in for four years of wastage and mismanagement of resources, with his recently inaugurated 98-member transition committee is heavily criticised as “madness.”

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Already, comparison is being drawn with President-elect Muhammadu Buhari’s modest 19-member Presidential Transition Committee inaugurated on Wednesday. And many Deltans are now wondering why the number of the Transition Committee of a State should far out-number that at the federal level, which has more transition-work to do. They reason that if Buhari’s Committee has only 19 members, Okowa’s Committee members should be just five people.

Dr Okowa’s campaign pitch was Prosperity for All Deltans, and many Deltans are now wondering if a few are already partaking in the prosperity how much of the state resources would be left after four years, and why the jamboree has started this early.

A UK-based Deltan, Stephen K. Dieseruvwe expressed his outrage on Facebook: “These guys are just twisted. Buhari inaugurates a 19-man presidential transition committee, whilst Okowa inaugurates 98-man committee for Delta State. Does this make sense? It does only to the looting cabal. When will this madness of wastage and mismanagement of resources stop?”

Despite the outcry, Xclusive Magazine gathered from authoritative sources that membership of the committee does not attract salary payment, putting down significantly the cost of running the Transition committee.

“No member will be paid. All members are doing this on strictly pro bono basis; at no single cost to the Delta State government. Of course there will be cost for running the committee, but it would be very, very minimal,” insists our reliable source.

Another source close to Ekwueme, as Dr Okowa is fondly called, told us that it would not be business as usual for the in-coming Okowa government as the State has witness in the last 16 years.

She said: “This appointment is like a golden handshake. I think what the excellency-in-waiting is trying to do is to thank some people who worked assiduously for his election. After their current job is done, most of them will finally step aside. You won’t get much of his Commissioners and top aides from this bunch.”