bi, Agbogidi Chukwnomso Nwoko

IDUMUJE-UGBOKO: Nwoko Descendants On the offensive, Want Ned Ostracised!

Nwoko Descendants in Idumuje-Ugboko in Aniocha North local government area of Delta State have gone on the offensive, warning that they would no longer tolerate actions and pronouncements tarnishing and violating the name and image of the Nwoko Family.

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In a statement, “IN OUR DUTY AS DESCENDANTS OF OBI NKEZE & OMORHURSI NWOKO OF IDUMUJE-UGBOKO”, the 45 second and third generation of Nwoko descendants who signed, also want Ned Nwoko, politician and former member of the house of representatives, banished from the community.

“Ned is neither a Patri-lineally born Nwoko nor is he from Idumuje Ugboko by paternity. We do find the man you all know as Ned Nwoko (who’s father is not Nwoko as his mother is already Nwoko! But rather with biological paternity rights believed to be in the town of Ukunzu) as ungrateful to the Nwoko family and a paragon of insult to our traditions and systems… This is the reason why we unanimously call on the family and town to expel him without further delay and to publicly enforce his biological paternity upon him,” the statement reads.

Their statement has confirmed XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE inside story report on 26 May 2017 that the fratricidal war raging in Idumuje-Ugboko has nothing to do with kingship tussle, neither is the successor to the throne in any way in contention, but was instigated by Prince Ned Nwoko, an alleged love child of late Obi Albert’s sister, to make it impossible for the community to hold a meeting where the new Obi will make a pronouncement to the effect that Ned should be banished.

IDUMUJE-UGBOKO: Nwoko Descendants On the offensive, Want Ned Ostracised!

Signatories to the statement

Explaining the genesis of the problem, the 45 Nwoko Descendants said: “Ned Nwoko put in a request to Idumuje-Ugboko to allocate him an additional 93 hectares of fertile agro-lands within the last two years. The primary reason for this request was for the construction of golf course to be attached to his current 33 hectares freely given to him by the town. It is also a very common sentiment that the town was double crossed as to the intention for which the initial 33 hectares were allocated.

“Thus by rational majority consensus we all rejected this request and our position was clearly explained to the then heir apparent of the town. In the best interest of the present and future generations, the then heir apparent endorsed our position and vehemently opposed Ned’s request. Shortly afterwards, inappropriate onslaughts on the then heir apparent commenced and has remained unrepentant even after he has been enthroned at the passing of our recently late king: Obi Albert Nwoko.”

The statement further reads: “We would like to state that all the issues targeting the Nwoko Family and Idumuje Ugboko have emanated from one very tiny faction and one faction alone sponsored by one individual for his own selfish interest. It is also true that this faction never existed prior to very recent years. This new and recent faction (though very small in number) has shown total disregard to the town, its cultures, its traditions, its ruling dynasty and most importantly the passions of the general indigenes of the town.”

While imploring everyone to disbelieve and disregard any voice, comment, publication or public statement that attacks the person or legitimacy of Obi, Agbogidi Chukwnomso Nwoko, the Obi of Idumuje – Ugboko, the Nwoko Descendants call on all arms of Delta State government, “especially the security units, to be above bias and rather assist in protecting our people while the family and town’s traditional and cultural expulsion of Ned is finalised in the next “Izuani”.”

Again, as XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE reported on 27 May, The Commissioner of Police, Delta State Command, Mr. Zanna Ibrahim has threatened that security agencies may be compelled to use force as a last resort to restore peace in troubled Idumuje-Ugboko if the crisis situation persists. But it is yet to be seen how the police can carry out that threat when Delta State governor Ifeanyi Okowa has already distance himself and his government from the conflict in Idumuje-Ugboko. Governor Okowa had already made it clear that it was not the responsibility of the state government to interfere in royal tussle.

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