Ned Nwoko and Peter Nwaoboshi

Nwoko Vs Nwaoboshi: Who Does Anioma Red Cap Fit?

Peter Nwaoboshi and Ned Nwoko are two different persons. But they have the same character trait. None is gentle. They have stubborn aggressive streak. Nonetheless, on closer unmasking of their make up, Ned appears more cosmopolitan. A shade more polished. His western assimilation with British education and culture gives him the vintage .

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The hot-headed temperament of both men seeking Delta North senatorial seat in 2019 is however not a snag. Politics in Nigeria is not for timid people. Oh yes urbane tendency may be a universal virtue but power in Africa ‘s most populous country is not for the faint – hearted.

Even with the cultured social behaviour of Anioma people, it is suicidal to walk like the catholic mass server on Nigeria’s thorny political terrain. There is no dove in the local politics of Nigeria!

The Anioma aborigine is not fully integrated into the mainstream Igbo in the South East, even with linguistic and sociological relatedness. Neither is he fully celebrated back home, as a strategic partaker in Delta patrimony, no thanks to an elitist tribal cabal, using diversity to sow divisiveness in the land for greed.

This leaves the Anioma persona some times in a dilemma like “a child of no world” depicted by Kenyan writer Gerald Angira, in a satirical allusion to the westernized African out of touch with traditional lifestyles, and yet not foreign not local!

Whatever station an Anioma model must have attained in Nigeria, is largely a function of merit and grace. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Tony Elumelu, Jay jay Okocha, Godwin Emefiele, Ibe Kachikwu…

Neglect remains the bane of Anioma area for ages predating the Nation’s independence ,through the first republic, the war, military interregnum to the dispensation of civil rule.

Asaba, capital of Delta state and Anioma flagship town is on the fringes of Eastern heartland, but it suffered the bloodiest horrors of Nigeria/Biafra pogrom, with the worst massacre on record. Neigbouring autonomous communities are also pining over the dark consequences of the 30-month war.

The political experience of ANIOMA in the Nigerian federal structure hence demands that her representative must be the best senator at Abuja to make impact. He must have presence and clout.

Peter Nwaoboshi versus Ned Nwoko. The battle promises to be rugged. Both men are roughnecks. The face off ahead is not a laughing matter. Each knows how to spit fire.

Ned, a former House of Representatives member from Idumuje Ugboko, once engaged Ika – born Ifeanyi Okowa in a stormy fight for Delta North senatorial seat in April 2011. Okowa ( PDP) won with 98,140 votes. Nwoko ( (DPP) lost with 67, 985 votes.

Time and perhaps brotherhood would settle the past as Ned teamed up with Okowa in 2014 to fulfill Ekwueme’s destiny as first Anioma governor of Delta state.

Invariably, Nwaoboshi, former PDP state chairman and civil commissioner had unsuccessfully backed Mrs Mariam Alli, Asaba native, for Delta North senate slot against Okowa in 2011. A flashback to the televised commotion that assailed our eyes at Asaba arcade.

But Nwaoboshi would emerge years later to his credit as the loudest voice of power shift and equity in Delta ,culminating in the historic Okowa governorship.

Today the fiercest critics of Nwaoboshi as senator said he has done nothing to justify a comeback, but for modest empowerment programmes and cameo appearances at high profile ceremonies. But his men insist the Ibusa born senator has made smart moves on the saddle since two years at Abuja.

Senator Nwaoboshi and his activities seem low key and self effacing, surprisingly uncharacteristic of a man loud and loquacious in nature.

Ned Nwoko’s foot soldiers boisterous and noisy are rallying him every where, presenting a picture of a super man and messiah, particularly in the social and mainstream media.

Between the two main contenders, the joker is not in external influences or marketing communication no matter how iconic or attractive.

The duo are at the mercy of the polling point, now that political parties and rigging are in trouble. Thanks card reader.

Let Peter Nwaoboshi and Ned Nwoko keep standing, whether with Umbrella, Broom or even Cock. Soon, Anioma people will give one of them a seat.

2019… Delta North needs one respite – the best CHANCE.

May Nigeria hear my senator when he arises in 2019!

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