Peter “Oracle” Nwaoboshi

Senator Nwaoboshi lopsided empowerment and PDP greed

Recently, news about the empowerment programme of the Senator representing Delta North Senatorial District, Barr Peter Nwaoboshi took the centre stage in different online medium, including newspapers. Senator Nwaoboshi who was elected into the Red Chamber of the Nationally Assembly in 2015, a few days ago dole out a whopping sum of N39million naira to empower some persons in his political party without any consideration for other persons from the district who are not members of the ruling PDP in Delta State.

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According to a source from the office of the Ibusa born Senator, eight persons from each ward in the nine local government areas that make up Delta North Senatorial District got N50,000 each(N400,000)for each ward. The Chairman of the adhoc committee set up for the empowerment programme was the PDP Chairman in the district, Mr Moses Iduh,this truly explained that Nwaoboshi acclaimed empowerment was purely for his PDP members who since I999 their party took over the governance of the state have milk the state dry. As a true party man and member of the cabal that has holds sway in the state for almost two decades, Iduh left no stone unturned in ensuring that only PDP members,including girl friends benefit and family members benefit from the empowerment programme.

To the PDP family, PDP Senator Nwaoboshi has performed creditably well ignoring the fact that it’s not only PDP members that make up Delta North. The PDP in her greed failed to realize this, instead encomiums are being poured on Nwaoboshi for remembering his constituents. This was not the first time Nwaoboshi is limiting his empowerment programme for the PDP alone, as he has at several times since he became a federal lawmaker gave out millions of naira to the leadership and members of his political party.

It is not bad if PDP members are given money by someone under the platform of the party but, it is wicked and annoying when what were meant for everybody were consumed by only few persons majority of who in the real sense are girl friends and cronies of PDP leaders,some of the beneficiaries are even civil servants who have abandoned their duty posts for politics.

Another area Senator Nwaoboshi goofed in his empowerment programme was making it monetary. Considering the current economic challenges in Nigeria, N50,000 cannot build a good future for anybody. It could only be possible if the money is needed to establish someone who has acquired skill in any vocation or trade. From the records, Nwaoboshi is yet to train or empower anyone in skill acquisition, his area of focus is monetary empowerment because he believed that news about the millions of cash he is doling out to party members in the name of empowerment will force gullible persons to raise him shoulder high.

In all, Nwaoboshi should not conclude yet that he has empowered the people of his senatorial district as he only gave out millions of cash to his members of his party in order for them to consider giving him ticket a second time. The good news is that tickets are given by political parties while voting is done by the people. The earlier Nwaoboshi and other political office holders in the state realize this the better for them.

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