Money, Money, Money: Is Your Love for Sale?

Intro’ & Interviews by Joy Echipue
Joy Echipue Money, Money, Money: Is Your Love for Sale? We should appreciate love as a gift of life; it’s a free gift from God to humanity. While you handle the steering in your hands, feel free to pilot it to where it suits you, but be sure you’re doing the right thing. You don’t have to drive anyone to insanity if you don’t want to travel on the road of insanity as well. Love and money can make one and can as well destroy life, don’t be a destroyer of life.

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Money and love are two great empires that are entangled like a web, yet can be separated with the tinniest line. They play a major role in life, being it in black, white whatever race or colour, love and money can be said to be the strength to life.

From creation, God commanded us to love, and indeed love covers all things. Love and money are two great pillars that can make or destroy a man. Love is to cherish, a deep minded feeling, affection that cannot be explained, but it can be felt, smelt and the wind of love brings calmness and peace, while money is just a paper, a medium of exchange. Money actually originated from the temple of Hera, located on one of Rome’s seven hills in the ancient world. Although money has its multifaceted characteristics, the big question is can money buy love?

People have confused or mistaken physical appearance, style, affluence, beauty, career, profession, and other qualities to be love and in the middle of a relationship, they find themselves trapped and coming out becomes a big problem, part of why, I think, love is a deep-rooted issue. This may explain why in today’s world where percentage of divorce or separation are basically not granted for lack of money, but for lack of love or affection, which gives love a rooted ground.

Research, has shown that people that value money highly are less happy than those who care more about love. I can rightly say that the love for money has diverted men from their true destiny. The love for money is a real plague.

From the various opinions in this edition, maybe it will be used as a yardstick. For those who are yet to fall in love let it be an eye opener; don’t be deceived or carried away with physical things, at least for the sake of your sanity, and peace of mind. Love that is bought with money doesn’t really have a deep root and can’t stand challenges or trials. There is a parable which says the tongue and the teeth clash most times, and if they do, imagine people from different background and orientation they will definitely clash as well, but what matters is how they resolve these issues.

On this note, I welcome you to this interesting edition and the topic that says “Money, Money, Money: is Your Love for Sale?”, and wishing you our cherish readers the best on your love life.

Sincerely speaking, money cannot buy love. Money can get you almost anything, a new car, a house, clothes, shoes, you name it, Eccles. 7 vs 12 says that wisdom and money can get you almost anything. I want you to mark the words almost anything, but it did not say everything. Love is a priceless gift that God has given to us and no one must put a price tag on it because love that is bought with money can never last. Although money has good values money has been known to fail in the past. Any relationship that is not based on love will blossom for some time and wither as soon as the money finishes. Love bought with money cannot stand trials or affliction. I want us to know that money is just mere paper and those who love money does not have enough. In addition, true happiness is not the product of money, it is not what you go to the market to buy, but true love comes from the hearth. It is true that money can buy anything but love is what we work at, money just makes love sweeter. We should also understand that money is the weapon of the enemy, it is an evil controller and money can manipulate negatively. While money is temporarily, or as some will say transient, the book of 1 cor .13: 4-5 describes love as patient and kind, love is not jealous or boastful, is not proud or rude love does not demand its own way, love is not irritable and it does not keep record of wrong can one buy any of these qualities with money? Definitely no. In conclusion money will not and can never buy true love.

Money cannot buy love, if love is bought; it goes the way it comes. Love comes from within we can use money to buy things in the market, but not love. When there’s no money again love itself goes as well. Love is tender, passionate and affectionate, and it’s from the inside of you, straight from the heart. Love is not physical. Money is used paper that comes and goes; it depends on how you manage it. Money can fade away, it can disappear, but love grows, its natural. Money can cause sorrow, but love comes with joy, even when there’s no money, and a relationship is based on love, it will stand.

Love is a deep-minded feeling that brings two people together. It is an emotional bond that binds two people together, it is something much more than money can buy. The rich may look good, act big, but if you make the mistake of falling into a relationship with them too bad because you will come out of that relationship completely shattered, emotionally destroyed and mentally depressed. Of course, when the relationship goes soar, the rich partner will not really bother, he will go on with his life flaunting his wealth as a trap, looking for the next victim to destroy. Any love bought with money is material, it is not real, it is artificial, it has no root or source. Any love that doesn’t emanate from a true feeling in the heart can only last for a while and can’t survive trials and temptations. Such love is like a flower that springs forth in the morning and withers by sunset. Love is a sincere affection that comes from the heart, a deep-rooted feeling. Love is not appearance or anything physical. It is a spirit that entwines two people together. It is nothing what so ever to do with money, money can never ever buy a true love. Love has no winner or loser In love there is no bitterness. Love is not when one partner feels so proud and looks down on the other partner as inferior, love isn’t being self-centered. Love is patience, Love is tolerance, Love is total acceptance, Love is giving and sharing, Love is not ‘I’ but ‘we’, Love is being sympathetic.
All the qualities of love above are sincere feelings that originate from the inner being of a person; therefore, they are indeed qualities that cannot be bought with money no matter how much. I used to think love is when one is attracted to another person by looks or style, but over the years I have come to realize that love is not physical. Love has nothing to do with physical appearance, the career or profession of a person, the money or wealth owned. To be honest, love cannot be completely explained, but can be known by who feels it- that is love. Love is a strong passionate affection for another person otherwise known, as ‘true love’ true love cannot be bought. True love brings peace, joy and harmony; true love heals and restores the beauty contained in every moment. Love bought with money is called material love. Material love brings fear, doubt, hatred, bitterness competition and desperation. In conclusion if I am asked to choose between a true love and material love, I will definitely go for true love. I don’t know what anybody else out there would go for, but for me, true love will be my first and perfect choice above all God is Love.

Love is a deep feeling for someone or a special feeling you have for someone. I will take this question from a different angle. Economically, love differs in different countries, life in European countries where almost everything is provided, people fall in love naturally, for instance in European countries teens fall in love with no commitment. But like in third world countries it is different because there’s so much poverty, people tend to mind who they fall in love with. And for like bachelors and spinsters, that are well matured, it is a different ball game. I will say it is a higher level, the woman will consider or think what the future holds for her in that relationship. Love is how you position your mind. Money cannot buy love but you need money to sustain love. For love to last there has to be money. Research shows that middle-income people live longer and have a good family. There cannot be pure love without money. Relationship is not stable when it lacks money. Too much money cannot buy love, but comfort matters.

No money can buy love because it’s natural, it’s also a commandment from God and among all things it’s the greatest. Love without foundation will not stand because as soon as money finishes, the love will finish as well because if it is natural the relationship will last, it is your feeling it is your passion; love is from your inner mind. Money is a substance that is used for an exchange of goods, so in this context money cannot buy love because love is not a substance; love is an emotional feeling, which money cannot purchase except where love is being faked, and such love doesn’t last. Love is a free gift from God, for instance in John 3 v 16 God gave his only son because he loves the world. Agape love is God’s kind of love that is unconditional.

Thank you for this opportunity given to me to contribute, or say my opinion. To the best of my knowledge money cannot buy love: true love comes from the heart; love is not a commodity that can be bought with money, or over the counter. True love comes from the inner heart and such love is known as phallus, and is the kind of love that exists between lovers. In God’s context that is the kind of love that should exist between legally married couples. I strongly believe that money cannot buy love, as love is sharing, and love binds two hearts together. A love that is bought with money will only last for a while.

Thank you for this interesting question. To the best of my knowledge money cannot buy love, although different people fall in love for different reasons. Most people actually think they are in love when the foundation of that relationship is actually based on love. At times rich men want to talk women into falling in love with them; likewise rich women want to wow men into loving them. Love is not what money can buy because love is an inner feeling, it’s a natural thing that flows out on its own, it knows no pretence and it can stand a text of time. Love that is bought with money, cannot tolerate. In life nobody is perfect, but because there is love it can cover a lot of wrong, easily forgive and it will not harbour bitterness. My advice is that nobody should sell his or her love, and people shouldn’t make the mistake of buying love.

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