Kwara State governor, Abdulfatah Ahmed

Kwara Govt Generates, Hijacking Local Council Tax

Kwara State Internal Revenue Service, KW-IRS, says it generated 6.6 billion in the first quarter of year 2017, signifying 100 percent increment over what was generated in the year 2016.

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But the tax office failed to be clear on remittances from local government councils in the state.

Kwara State IRS, Sensationally hijacked tax revenue collection of the local government and remitted the money minus a controversial 25 percent service charge. The matter has remained a ding-dong between workers and state government with the former agitating for local council financial autonomy.

But according to Muritala Awodun, the Chairman Kwara IRS, the success recorded could be attributed to intensified efforts on authomation.

“Through our operation now, we internsify effort on authomation and disintegerated, to allow the various directorate within the services to indentify areas of intervention within the focus of the services and go ahead to implement such intervention within the budget plan we have.

“We authenticate to eliminate and block leakages as many as possible and the subtle way of doing that is to authomate as many of our process as possible and that has translated to improvement in performance of first qouta of year 2017 over the last qoua,” said Awodun

Given the break down of what was generated in the first quarter of 2017. He said: “for the month of January, we generated N2.1 billion, for February we realised N1.7 billion and it was N2.7 billion in March totally #6.6 billion.

Comparing this with what was generated in first quarter of 2016 which was N3.4 billion, 2017 has 100 percent increase over last year.”

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