James Brown’s Mummified Body Hasn’t Been Properly Buried

James Brown, the 'sex-machine,'died of heart failure in 2006. Photo Credit: The Telegraph

James Brown, the ‘sex-machine,’died of heart failure in 2006. Photo Credit: The Telegraph

When James Brown died in 25 December 2006 of congestive heart failure his body was mummified at $140,000 cost so he would never rot. But it has now emerged that the mummified body is not in the ground but securely placed in the home of his daughter.

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His former chauffeur William Murrrell reveals to The Guardian UK: “He’s been dead since 2006 but he still hasn’t been [properly] buried – he’s at his daughter’s house.”

“Why? When you got almost 20 kids and six wives it’s hard to get you in the ground,” alleged Murrell, who has also driven Prince, Michael Jackson, Don King and the Reverend Al Sharpton in the past,

He further reveals that in his hey days Brown was a Casanova of some sort, flying in women from different corners. But the problem was, they came in to see Brown wearing a broad smile, but left with angry face.

William Murrrell

William Murrrell

No, R&B colossus was not mean to his women nor was his stingy to them, he just wasn’t well endowed in-between his thighs. “They [his girlfriends] used to tease him about that. They said it wouldn’t get hard and it was about the size of a pencil,” said Murrell.

And, according to Murrell, these women often complained because “they wanna feel it! But his money made everybody stop complaining.”

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