Ned Nwoko

OPINION: Why I Am Standing By Ned Nwoko

I Stand by Ned Nwoko! I have spent 30 years of my journalism advancing the “dignity of man.” Excellently, that is the motto of university of Nigeria, Nsukka. My post-graduate school. I am not given to self adulation.

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But no one can tell your story better than you. It has been three decades of humble but phenomenal media engagement. A dramatic but mind blowing memoir comes.

As a budding journalist in the flower of ethereal youth in the 1980s, I deployed crisp pen and paper to chronicle to the public, the enigma of Samuel Ogbemudia. He emerged governor of unforgettable Bendel state under National party of Nigeria (NPN), ousting Ambros Alli of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN). My fascination was Ogbemudia’s matchless pedigree as the all -time builder of Midwestern region, pathfinder of Bendel and pride of Edo / Delta.

In 1999, I stood by James Ibori, amplifying his personae. He won. What a governor! Hate him or love him, Ibori has iconic essence. Today we are best of friends.

In 2007. Enter Emmanuel Uduaghan. I proclaimed his story for one motivation – his genial humanity. When 2014 dawned, I championed a media bulwark for Ifeanyi Okowa. He fulfilled his destiny as the first Anioma governor of Delta on 29th of May 2015. 2019? Okowa – YES! My fascination – A jinx breaker deserves honour.

Now. The crux of the matter – NED NWOKO!

I rock and roll with Ned for Delta North senate seat 2019. Ned reminds me of the cerebral treatise of Somalian post colonial intellectual – Nuruddin Farrah (A Naked Needle. 1976 ), which counter balances clear conscience against the unblinking crudity of moral burden.

His heart is bare like the sky. He is as straight as ramrod. Not like Janus in Greek mythology with facial duplicity and bipolar personality. The face of Ned is a mirror – open.

For Ned, INTEGRITY is everything! With a latitude of philanthropy and fellow feeling, Ned plays politics of the people. He never plays the buccaneer, Shylock or the slave master. Ned is Ned!

Born a high prince of Idumuje – Ugboko in royal Elan, Ned image as an African cultural connoisseur is further polished in the tutelage of prestigious western education and civilization. Even with good breeding, he does not carry himself like a peacock.

Ned echoes true that simplicity is the imprimatur of genuine humanity. Not self aggrandizing posturing which stands like the slippery emptiness of quick sand.

Ned like every mortal has his flaws. But he has no pact with the Devil. He is not a virgin, but has never and will never rape ANIOMA. I STAND BY NED. NED NWOKO: YES!

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