Nigeria’s Amb. Bolere Elizabeth Ketebu presents her Letter of Credence to Irish President Michael D. Higgins

INSULT! Nigerian Ambassador to Ireland Ketebu Humiliated at Dublin Airport

Nigeria’s Amb. Bolere Elizabeth Ketebu presents her Letter of Credence to Irish President Michael D. Higgins. PHOTO Credits: Vickie Robert

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The Nigerian Ambassador to Ireland Dr Bolere Elizabeth Ketebu was stopped and “humiliated” by an Irish immigration officer when she arrived at Dublin Airport on 1 May 2015 despite having a full diplomatic cover.

According to Metro Eireann, Ireland’s multicultural newspaper, Dr Ketebu, who has been the Nigerian ambassador since last year, was returning to Dublin following a short visit abroad when she was halted at the immigration desk. The immigration officer claimed the ambassador was not residing in Ireland because she had no resident permit in her passport.

Despite the Nigerian ambassador presenting all the necessary document – including her diplomatic passport, visa and ID card – to prove her identity, the immigration officer would not believe her

After sometime our source claims that the immigration officer eventually decided to let the Ambassador through, but offered no apology to her treatment.

The Nigerian Embassy Dublin confirmed the incident but said it would not discuss the matter with Metro Eireann as it waiting for the outcome of a protest letter sent to the Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the department directed Metro Eireann to contact the Department of Justice, which is responsible for immigration issues.

Several questions regarding the incident were submitted, but a spokesperson confirmed to this newspaper that Justice “does not comment on individual cases.”

It is believed that the department had no knowledge of the incident prior to Metro Eireann’s query, some 11 days after it’s claimed to have occurred.

“The Department of Justice regrets if any diplomat is treated less than professionally,” the spokesperson added.

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