Elections 2015: who is Attahiru Jega working for?

Elections 2015: who is Attahiru Jega working for?

by Senami Adaba sadaba@xclusive.ng

Elections 2015: who is Attahiru Jega working for?

Elections 2015: who is Attahiru Jega working for?
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The day is near, tension is mounting, nerves are failing, blood pressures are rising and opposing parties have become like albatrosses on each other’s neck day by day. Let’s not be shocked if politicians start dropping dead…heart failure!

There are questions that need answers, many brows are furrowed in confusion as the electorates either go through moments of tough indecision or stubborn decidedness!

Question like: Will March 28 be March 28? From all data and indices, the INEC seem ready to go, but there seems to be a force pulling the green light down. But the main question is: who is Professor Attahiru Jega working for? (Shouldn’t he be working for Nigeria?) It could be recalled that Jega was chosen and installed by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan himself and the going had been good until now.

There are claims that Jega who is a northerner has a sense of loyalty to his kinsman who incidentally is the biggest opponent of his ‘boss’. There are also claims that the President now sees the INEC Chairman as a threat even though he publicly hides under the façade of trust and confidence in Jega for fear of the public. There are also unproven claims that Jega will be sacked or forcefully retired before March 28 in order to destabilize things thus making elections on that date unachievable.
Claims, claims and claims!

Since INEC has publicly declared that more than 80% of the PVCs have been distributed to the owners, why then should the date be a mirage? This is one of the questions asked by concerned and tired citizens of Nigeria.

But, not so fast! There is the issue of the card reader which has caused and is still causing not a little stir in the nation as we speak. Now let’s ruminate on this together as I refuse to make submissions on behalf of any one.

INEC has introduced the card reader; claims to have tested it and thus trust it to help against polls maneuvering and rigging…hence, the nation can expect a relatively free and fair election.

Should we not scream “Hurray” and march to the poll centres as we expect the best man to win? Are we wrong to be pleased about this innovative invention? Would it be presumptuous to hold Attahiru’s two hands and heartily congratulate and thank him for making this move? (Responses please…)

I have heard with one ear that there is chaos in one political party and joy in the other. Let’s be out with it, while members and supporters of the APC are singing and dancing “Dorro Bucci” to show ecstasy in expectation of the free and fair polls promised by the INEC chairman, members and supporters of the People’s Democratic Party are not so pleased with this technology!

Some say it will not work, some think it is the idea of the All Progressives Congress to rig the election in their favour, others have out rightly claimed that Jega the Mallam is working for Buhari his fellow Mallam (sorry) kinsman.

Now, this is authoritative. I can tell you exclusively that I heard with both ears that one of the PDP senatorial aspirants said that Jega should be “sacked and prosecuted.” When asked why? He says he has compromised and does not work for the President anymore.

Hello, am I alone here? Is something not wrong somewhere with the whole system? When the elections was postponed initially from February 14 to March 28, APC almost had Jega’s head, claiming he had compromised and was working for the opposition. They even wanted him removed then!

Well, these things are confusing and ultimately political because right now the twist is beyond comprehension. APC is pleased today and displeased tomorrow. PDP is displeased today and pleased tomorrow.

Can we please have it done? Like right now, to save our sanities. We have had multiple climaxes and there is only so much a poor citizen can take.

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