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New Delta Avengers accused Okowa of Killing DESOPADEC

The New Delta Avengers has accused Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of killing the Delta State Oil Producing Communities Development Commission (DESOPADEC) whose primary function was to develop oil communities.

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The New Avengers, made up of Ex-Militants from oil communities, who recently threatened bloody attack on Okowa for impoverishing the State, especially the oil producing communities, said that in Okowa’s devilish plan to kill DESOPADEC tried to sneak his non-oil bearing community and kingdom into the commission saying that because he failed, he changed the structure by putting stooges and lackeys who keep silent and allow him to carry out his evil machination to cripple DESOPADEC, impoverish and spread sufferings in oil communities.

In a statement by the Commanders led by Ujato Etomi, the Avengers said it was painful, vexatious and perplexing that two years into Okowa’ evil administration, DESOPADEC has not executed any laudable projects in the oil communities.

According to him, “ongoing projects have been comatose because contractors are owed billions of naira and some o them have died physically or are dying under the weights of loans and interests.

“since the beginning of 2017, DESOPADEC normally should have received over N20 billion statutory allocation due from the 13 percent fund. This modest figure of about N2 billion a month is backed by the figure released by the National Bureau of statistics but the governor has failed to remit the constitutional allocation due to DESOPADEC.

“DEOPADEC has become a salary paying organ of government with Commissioners and Board members merely receiving their salaries/allowances without tinking of the interest of the people and the communities they are representing.

“The law establishing DESOPADEC, even the craftily amended bill, made provision for the payment of 50percent of the money from oil produced in the state through the 13 percent derivation fund. It is clear to all Deltans even the blind, deaf and dumb that this law has been grossly abused by government s in the past but there has never been as much display of hatred for this provision than the present administration.

“In 2016, one year after this evil administration came to being, Okowa received N144billion in allocations from the federal government. Of this revenue , at least N40 billion should be due to DESOPADEC, not 10th of this amount was received because the governor is busy robbing the Pauls of oil communities to satisfy his Ika community.”

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