CITIZEN POLICING: Xclusive Magazine Releases Delta State Commissioners’ Private Mobile Numbers

CITIZEN POLICING is a social movement by citizens to police their government representatives by holding them accountable for their action. Our leaders are corrupt, dishonest, misuse and abuse power, and more often than not they get away with it.

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In the civilised world, leaders are servants to the people and are answerable to them. Politicians have constituency office where citizens within the represented area can walk in freely to converse with their representatives in government, and with such open-door policy and interaction, the politicians get a sense of the citizens’ needs. But this has not been the case in Nigeria. Our political office holders live in an Ivory Tower, far removed, locked away, divorced from the people who they are in government to serve.

In pursuance of the global media goal to empower citizens to hold their leaders accountable for any unethical and corrupt practices, Xclusive Magazine now releases private mobile Phone Numbers of the Delta State Commissioners. Our goal in this Citizen Policing media movement is to bring the people of Delta State closer to those in power.

Since our State Commissioners have made themselves unreachable by creating physical barrier around them to make it impossible for their citizens to reach them, we think that publicly releasing their phone numbers as a form of Citizen Policing is a more legitimate way of dragging them down from their Ivory tower, closer to the people.

Xclusive Magazine is giving power back to the people. People’s power is the most important power. We are of the opinion that armed with the very private mobile phone numbers of the commissioners representing their electoral districts, every Delta citizen will be able to call or text the commissioner in his or her representative area to complain, make suggest, or reprimand them.

We have made great effort to indicate which numbers are or are not on WhatsApp to give you a variety of options of getting in touch with your representative in government. We have also included the personal mobile number of the Delta State Commissioner of Police so that you can report their crime…well, any crime. Now, let’s go!

CITIZEN POLICING: Delta State Commissioners

Name Ministry Private Mobile Numbers
Kingsley Emu Economic Planning 08033069032 (On WhatsApp)
John Nani Environment 08033174161 (On WhatsApp)
Mary Iyasere Commerce & Industry 08037165794 (On WhatsApp)
James Augoye Works 08074001378 (Not On WhatsApp)
Vincent Uduaghan Transport 08024020331 (On WhatsApp)
NewWorld Seifugha Energy 08034409423 (Not On WhatsApp)
Joseph Ogeh Housing 08023230812 (On WhatsApp)
Fidelis Tilije Water Resources 08024020331 (On WhatsApp)
Omatsola Williams Women Affairs 08035751530 (On WhatsApp)
Austin Chikezie Agriculture and Natural Resources 08138790815 (Not On WhatsApp)
Joyce Overah Science & Tech 08033790776 (On WhatsApp)
Chiedu Ebie Basic and Secondary Education 08037217332 (On WhatsApp)
Peter Mrakpor Attorney Gen & Justice 08060325910 (On WhatsApp)
Patrick Ukah Information 08024020331 (On WhatsApp)
Dan Okenyi Arts & Culture 08033418117 (On WhatsApp)
Bright Edejewhro Local Govt & Chieftaincy Affairs 08033881508 (On WhatsApp)
Omamofe Pirah Oil & Gas 08023082705 (On WhatsApp)
Chika Ossai Lands & Survey 08035422645 (On WhatsApp)
David Edevbie Finance 08027777007 (On WhatsApp)
Ernest Ogwezzy Special Duties 08038954088 (On WhatsApp)
Henry Sakpra Special Duties, Govt House 08168133920 (On WhatsApp)
Nicholas Azinge Health 07036871999 (On WhatsApp)
Asupa Forteta Youth and Sports 08063298360 (On WhatsApp)
Oghenekaro Ilolo Urban Renewal 08033821115 (On WhatsApp)
Jude Sinebe Higher Education 08066077781 (On WhatsApp)
Zanna Ibrahim State Commissioner of police 08035876877 (On WhatsApp)

NOTE: The feeler we are getting is that Gov. Okowa plans to shake up his cabinet very soon. So we are not sure yet how many of the above commissioners will survive the purge. But don’t worry, when the cabinet reshuffle happens, we will update this page with information of the new commissioners. Our leaders can run… but they can’t hide!

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