Buhari Win: Okowa Stands Stronger

Emotions of Nigerians on Muhammadu Buhari’s triumph came predictable. A thick cloud of sadness in parts of Nigeria, especially in the Southern half where anti Buhari sentiments boil in indignant disdain. Up North, count it all joy, with fanatical followers in wild revelry across Sahel savanna.

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My reaction? Indifference! I had my Saturday night fever in 2015. Not any more. Goodluck Jonathan is far gone from Aso Rock. For my crush I brood no more. Time, the ticking healer has taken away all anxieties.

A mind aloof has nothing to fret.

Buhari. The return! Oh yes. I saw it. No claim to gift of clairvoyance like Nostradamus, the man who saw tomorrow. The outcome was inevitable. Bound to happen.

On January 21, see my stance:

“Aso Rock. The seat appears immovable. Power, security and money are exclusive to the occupant. The commander in chief – rigid, desperate and impervious- is not Jonathan. Warriors do not make peaceful telephone calls in transition hours. Take heed. This head of affairs is different. Generals scarcely surrender even on the floor. Particularly a general who has tasted honey- power in white Agbada. So my fixation is not on Abuja. There is a PMB. Dogged to defeat. Unbending to bow out. Hell no ! I hold nothing against Atiku, but I am not dancing for him. I just note his courage…”

The ides of March has come. No need to beware. Rest on Shakespeare.

Atiku Abubakar campaigned that he was coming! Was he naive? He probably never envisaged the outcome. Now he is whining. He rejected the results as the worst fraud in Nigeria’s political history since 1966!

In February 23 elections, I had contrasting preferences for diverse positions across party lines. Democracy to me means people not party. Some candidates of my fancy won. Some lost. I take it! Life – sweet and sour.

The 2019 presidential elections however came with a revelation. Ifeanyi Okowa will brace the tape on 9 March 2019. From Delta North to Delta central to Delta south, the signs are there like the full moon, we saw growing up with unforgettable nostalgia in bygone years of African night entertainment.

Okowa’s strength of character is unassailable. Even as an opposition governor, he shares mutual respect with PMB. Not once had he denigrated the president. Ever restrained in strategy. Perhaps a function of his education and wit.

But strikingly, his liaison with Buhari, the man from Daura never compromises his fidelity to PDP. He rose as the anchor point of PDP when it became rudderless. The redemptive symbol of the party when it mattered most.

Now. In Delta, there is a flight of EQUITY. It is crowded by the Aniomas, Urhobos, Itsekiris, Izons and Isokos. There would be turbulence in Urhoboland. But the flight in altitude would land. Painstakingly by providence.

After February 23, Okowa stands stronger…

It is safe to bet…

Okowa would dance!

Nobert Chiazor is the former Chairman of Delta State Chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists.

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