Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan

Botswana is Africa’s Most Prosperous Country, Nigeria Missing in Action

The Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan

The Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan

Botswana tops list of Africa’s most prosperous countries, but the oil-rich Nigeria is nowhere near the top 10. Nigeria is ranked 27 out of 38 countries, falling three places from 24th in 2012, and just one place away from countries designated as “poorest.”

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Nigeria fared particularly badly in terms of Governance (31), Health (29) and Safety and Security (35).

The majority of data and analysis within the full report is taken from the Legatum Prosperity Index, an annual report that explores the foundations of prosperity in 142 countries around the world (Scroll down for original Video).

Below is the Top 10 Most Prosperous Countries in Africa, as summarized by the CNN:

1. Botswana: As well as beautiful natural heritage, Botswana is the most prosperous African country according to research conducted by the Legatum Institute. The landlocked country ranks first in the report’s governance index.

2. South Africa: A general view of the Johannesburg skyline. South Africa ranked as the second most prosperous country in Africa, with nearly 40% of people surveyed saying it’s a good time to find a job.

3. Morocco: The oldest section of Fes is the walled settlement of Fes El Bali. The city was once the capital of Morocco, which is the third most prosperous African nation.

4. Namibia: This Windhoek-based hotel is in the fourth most prosperous African country: Namibia, ranked second in the governance sub-index.

5. Tunisia: Tunisia is the fifth most prosperous African nation in 2014 according to the Legatum Institute. The country ranks first in the health sub-index and citizens have a life expectancy of 75 years — 17 years higher than the African average.

6. Algeria: The sixth most prosperous nation in Africa is Algeria. The country, where 93% of respondents have a cell phone, topped the economy index.

7. Ghana: As this scene from Makola Market in Accra shows, Ghana has a vibrant economic spirit. The West African nation was ranked seventh in the prosperity rankings and was considered the second safest nation on the continent.

8. Rwanda: Rwanda was ranked the eighth most prosperous African nation. The report praised the country for “actively encouraging women” to shape the future of their country.

9. Burkina Faso: Burkina Faso ranks ninth in the 2014 report, having risen by five places since 2012.

10. Senegal: Senegal ranks as the continent’s 10th most prosperous nation, according to Legatum Institute’s 2014 Africa Prosperity Report, up nine places since 2012.

VIDEO – 2014 Africa Prosperity Report

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