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Army Denies Recruiting Ex-Service Men

Army high command at the Defense Headquarters has alerted members of the public to activities of a syndicate who claim to being able to facilitate recruitment of ex-service men back into the force. Nigerian Legionnaires, an organization made up of retired soldiers, are specially targeted for this scam.

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Speaking on this, Brig. Gen Sani Usman Kukasheka, army spokesman at the headquarters in Abuja warned members of the public to be wary of these scammers. The army man warned that these elements have duped gullible members of the public especially ex-servicemen.

“According to reports, the group has been collecting the sum of N80,000 from legionnaires across the country with a view to bringing them back into its service.

“While efforts are ongoing to track and apprehend them, the Nigerian Army wishes to disassociate itself with such criminals and their activities and advise the public to be wary of them and report such to any of the security agencies.

“Above all, the laws, terms and conditions for enlistment into the Army are very clear; it is free. One does not need to pay anyone a dime or give any gratification to be recruited,” he said.

Kukasheka further advised the public to take advantage of the newly established Nigerian Army Information and Call Centre to report any such issue and other security concern by calling the short code 193 using any of the telecommunication service providers in Nigeria or through email at

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