Former Ireland’s Minister of Justice Alan Shatter

Alan Shatter Receives Award at African History Month Ireland

 Former Ireland’s Minister of Justice Alan Shatter

Former Ireland’s Minister of Justice Alan Shatter. Photo Credit: Irish Examiner

The former Ireland’s Minister of Justice Alan Shatter will be honoured with a recognition Award at the 2014 African History Month Ireland (AHMI). The award and the National Conference of the (AHMI) 2014 will take place on 23 November2014 at Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown, Tyrellstown, Dublin 15 Ireland from 4pm-8pm. Red carpet is at 3pm.

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AHMI 2014 celebrates the history, contribution, participation, heritage and impact of all African’s Living in Ireland on a yearly basis in the month of “November” for remembrance of important people and events in the history of Africans in Diaspora.

The AHMI takes place in 5 various Counties:Cavan, Meath, Galway, Cork & Dublin. A workshop on the story of Africa Origin and also Photo Exhibition, Display of heritage, Films, Africa Games and entertainment is taking place at Cavan Library on the following dates: 21st Friday, Saturday 22nd and Tuesday 25th November 2014. Time: Friday & Saturday: 10-5pm, Break 1.00pm -2:15pm and Tuesday 10-8pm

AHMI is also collaborating with National Youth Council of Ireland in Celebrating “One World Week” , which focuses on Youth, Young ones making a difference in the communities and special focus on Africa Youth called “Inspiration for Young Africa” where young people will have opportunity to showcase their various talent and strength.

According to Susuana Olatunji Komolafe, who initiated AHMI since 2010: “AHMI is in recognition of the contribution of all Africans that has lived or still living in the Republic of Ireland, which have played a positive role and make an impact in the society. As Africans we share history with Africans Americans, African British living here and back home as they also celebrate. To allow youth, children and young generation understand the beauty of their roots and staying strong in addressing the opportunities and challenges of being a minority in Ireland.”

Contact AHMI: Email: or Phone: 0894776061/0863370163/0873618587.

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