Barrister Princess Pat Ajudua

Ajudua Puts US Jamboree on Hold to Sort Out Tribunal Case

The Chief Whip of Delta State House of Assembly Barrister Princess Pat Ajudua has put on hold her travel to the United States of America to join her other Delta State legislators on their US jamboree due to her election case pending at the tribunal sitting in Asaba, capital of Delta State.

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Mrs Ajudua’s election into the Assembly as a representative of Oshimili North Local government under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is being challenged by Chief Tony Azuya of APGA. Chief Azuya, who is also from Ibusa and a one-time family friend of the Ajuduas, is demanding for election re-run on the ground that Mrs Ajudua, in connivance with State official of the Independent National Electoral Commission, massively rigged the election.

XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE understands that no specific date has been set for judgement at the tribunal, but the expectation is high within Delta Oshimili North circles that ruling would be anytime this week. And Adankele, as Mrs Ajudua is called by her political admirers, is not taking any chances hence her willingness to wait for the tribunal ruling as long as it takes, even if it means not eventually making the trip to the United States.

“As a principal officer, going to the US for the capacity building training is very important, but keeping her seat in the Assembly is far more politically expedient. It is after one has consolidated one’s political space that one can afford to be gallivanting around the world. Mrs Ajudua feels that it is important she stays back to continue to pull all the stops until the election battle is won. Anything can happen in her absence,” said our source.

XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE understands that Ajudua has got nothing to lose if she eventually fails to make the trip to the US, as she has already collected her share of the money for the US trip that sets back the ass-broke Delta State by N132 million, being the total amount Ifeanyi Okowa government is spending for the needless and meaningless extravagant trip.

According to a reliable House of Assembly insider each of the 25 legislators smiled to the bank with mouth-watering N4 million each and that principal officers got slightly higher than that.

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