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by Peter Anny-Nzekwue, PhD
Peter Anny-NzekwueBreaking New Grounds, Extending Frontiers! “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” – Arthur Conan Doyle.

Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo is the superstar you obviously know as Kokomaster, or better still as D’banj. I am D’banj! is his popular refrain. D’banj is arguably the greatest musician out of Africa of his generation. But behind every successful musician there is a producer: the man who works behind the scene, the man who generates the great beats that enhance the song. Step forward Michael Collins Ajereh, Don Jazzy Again!
D’banj and Don Jazzy met in United Kingdom. They formed Mo’Hits records. And with it they stormed Nigeria, and from there they went to conquer Africa. For seven years, Brand D’banj-Don Jazzy (that includes Mo’Hits, their record label) was everywhere, making hits, garnering awards and earning big bucks. Many thought the brand would never die, but nothing last forever. Our cover story, “D’banj and Don Jazzy: Made, Perfected and Brutally Broken,” chronicles the good times, the bad times and the acrimonious break-up of the brand D’banj-Don Jazzy.
And Basorge, comedian and Nollywood actor, spoke to Xclusive Magazine. He had a whistle stop in Dublin and like many other superstars who visited Ireland, Basoene Kesley Tariah Jnr. took time out to talk to us xclusively. What is his take on comedy and comedians, acting and actors and music and musicians? About Nigerian musicians, for example, he says: “We hear about successes and singers making a lot of money, but how many of them have played before five to ten thousand audiences around Europe and can open a concert with a few notes playing the grand piano? How many of these musicians have their songs scored? Do they know what music notation is? We are just dancing to the beats generated from computers.”
Is Basorge joking? The problem with being an actor and a comedian is that people sometimes can’t tell when you are serious or cracking a joke. But this is a serious matter. Basorge is not joking! You must read “Comedy and Acting: the Dynamic World of Basorge” to see what I mean. And you would be glad you did.
Everybody is blogging in Ireland and all over the world. Bloggging is big business. If you are in doubt ask Miss Linda Ikeji, a Nigerian blogger and an ex-model currently making millions from blogging. They say she is worth millions. She too has confirmed it in several interviews. Even a check with StatsCrop that explores any web’s history and monitor its performance will yield a mind-boggling result: Linda’s is worth a staggering One Million, Five Hundred and Fifty Seven thousand, Six hundred and Eighty Two US Dollars ($1,557,682). Please don’t even attempt to convert this amount to Nigerian Naira.
Yes, blogging is big business. But not everyone is in it for money. Some are in it for fun, others to satisfy the need for self-expression, to send out a message. And so we went in search of bloggers in Ireland. We found so many of them, but we picked six, the famous ones (they are Africans, of course). Here is the line-up: Jessica Ngozi .C. McDonald-Agu, EuniiCe ‘Skinnies’ Abimbola Abe, Beatrice ‘Trice’ Nkeze, Feyisola Grace Adeyemi, Vickie Robert and Primrose Obata Dodo. Who are they? Why do they blog? What do they blog about? Our special feature, “6 Ireland’s Famous Bloggers,” is as interest as it is educative.
There are more features, and also our regulars on Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyle. Aha, the errant scholar, Dr Grimot Nane, is at it again. He will never stop to ruffle feathers. Wait until you read his, “Intelligent Nigerians, Inadequate Languages.”
This issue, like every issue of Xclusive Magazine, is loaded. Enjoy!

  • Dr. Anny-Nzekwue is the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Xclusive Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @iPanzek

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