Hausa community Decries Inability to Get PVCs

XCLUSIVE – Elections 2015: Panic as Card Readers Malfunction

XCLUSIVE - Elections 2015:  Panic as Card Readers Malfunction

Panic as Card Readers Malfunction

As Nigerians troop out en masse in the bid to decide the fate of the country by choosing new leaders, the card readers might be thwarting the smooth progress of the process. Reports are flying that electorates have not been duly accredited due to the malfunctioning technology.

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The card reader was introduced newly and there were claims that it had been tested and trusted. However, electorate are presently showing displeasure as the card readers have failed in some aspects, especially with finger prints.

The President and his wife in Otuoke, Bayelsa are also victims of this malfunctioning as the card reader had failed to recognise the finger prints of the first family. Hence, the President and his wife had to fill the incidence form while they wait to exercise their civic responsibilities.

The President, however, insists that although the situation is frustrating, voting will indeed take place and successfully too.

On the other hand, the APC Presidential candidate General Muhammedu Buhari and his wife in Katsina have been duly accredited and now waiting to vote himself in as the new President of the federal republic.

Generally, there is the fear that there might be an outbreak of violence as agitation of electorates rise for panic and anxiety of disenfranchisement.

The Chairman of INEC however pleads for calm as the situation is under control to fix the 40 percent lapse and in case it can’t be fixed, INEC has made provisions for incidence form that would accredit electorates if the card readers fail to authenticate the voters.