Hon Princess Pat Ajudua, the Delta State House of Assembly Chief Whip  & the US Embassy

Delta Assembly Chief Whip Ajudua Missed N132m Jamboree Because She Was Denied US Visa

Hon Princess Pat Ajudua will not be travelling to the United States of America anytime soon, and indeed cannot travel to join 24 other State legislators in their Delta State sponsored One Hundred and Thirty Two Million Naira (N132m) US Jamboree. This is authoritative!

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XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE reported on 12 October 2015 that the Delta House of Assembly Chief Whip had put the US Jamboree on hold to sort out her tribunal case in Asaba, Delta State. However, new authoritative and very credible information made available to XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE reveals that the Oshimili North LG representative in the State House of Assembly, who already pocketed her share of the N132m booty, was refused entry visa into the United States.

In order to douse suspicion raised by her failure to travel with her colleagues, who left for the US three days ago, Mrs Ajudua cooked-up the election tribunal alibi, told anyone who cared to listen including her aides and some Assembly staff not in the known, and leaked it to the press to hoodwink the public.

XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE gathered from a source inside the State House of Assembly that the protocol department of Delta State House of Assembly had lodged applications of all 29 members of the House of Assembly with the United States Embassy Lagos, requesting for visas and indicating why they were travelling to the US.

Although the applications were submitted as a group by the protocol department, the legislators were interviewed at the Embassy on individual basis. And all the legislators were eventually issued with entry visas to the US except the wife of Chief Fred Ajudua.

XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE gathered on good and credible authority that the 52-years-old Ajudua was denied visa because the J-1 Visa for her previous visit was subject to the two-year rule. During the legislators’ visit to America on similar mission last term, Hon Ajudua was only allowed entry into America on a special visa. Then the University, which was to train the lawmakers, had to send a special request for her to attend the program, so a J-1 Visa was issued with a letter for her to present at U.S. port of entry.

The period for which the former minority leader in the Delta State House of Assembly was authorized to remain in the United States for the capacity building programme was determined by the American Customs and Border Protection of the Department of Homeland Security, not the consular officer.

A source inside American Embassy Lagos who spoke to XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE, declined to speak on individual cases, but confirmed that the embassy might deny visa to any legislator or any other person, who had visited the US previously on J-1 visa subject to the two-year rule, and “wants to return to the U.S. less than two years after the conclusion of his or her exchange visit.”

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