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When A Woman Loves

When A Woman Loves is the story of a man who steps out on his marriage because his “wife is unable to give him a child”. He gets his mistress pregnant and begins to maltreat and neglect his wife. The woman, in turn, finds solace outside the marriage in the form of the ever stunning Gbenro Ajibade. And when things fall through with the husband, played by Femi Jacob, and his mistress, he tries to get back with his wife, played by Lilian Esoro.

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From the start, you think you know how When A Woman Loves is going to end and for the most part, it does hold true. It is a very superficial kind of story in the sense that at the end the characters don’t necessarily grow, they just find themselves in situations that force them to act in ways that are considered ‘better’.

What do I mean by this? If the husband’s mistress were to come back at the end of the movie and end up saying that she really was pregnant with his baby, there’s nothing that happened in his character development that would lead us to believe that he wouldn’t go with her.

Also for the wife, if her boyfriend had been the one to do all these special acts for her on her birthday, then there’s no guarantee (as evidenced by her character development in the movie) that she wouldn’t leave her husband and go with him.

The African man vision that has been created here for Femi Jacobs’ character is actually interesting though. Abeg una, na where una dey take find the kind African husband wey go go find him wife boyfriend, come siddon with am to dey discuss about how to win him wife back? From where una take find this man abeg?

If you can get over the superficiality of the storyline as well as the unrealistic end and the faltering audio quality in the beginning, the movie is really brief and a nice watch. Femi, Lilian and Gbenro do a good job of bringing their characters to life, it’s just that their characters aren’t presented with much depth.

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