CELEB SPINSTERS: Rita Dominic, Linda Ikeji and Genevieve Nnaji

Why Genevieve Nnaji, Linda Ikeji, other Celeb Spinsters are not Wife Material

Genevieve Nnaji, Linda Ikeji, Rita Dominic and other Nigeria’s eligible celeb spinsters have all of a sudden in high demand. The multi-millionaire blogger Linda Ikeji, 34, is seriously being courted by Belema Meshack Hart, another blogger by the name Tataformaija. Belema is desperate to win Linda’s heart and her hand in marriage. He tells Mary Stopeson of Good life magazine, “Linda Ikeji, I really admire her a lot and I know I am the right man for her, I want to be there for her and show her love like she has never know, true and real love.”

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It is not only Linda Ikeji that is in high demand. Nollywood superstar Genevieve Nnaji, 35, is even a hotter cake. A Nigerian rapper, Azubike Chibuzor Nelson, popularly known as Phyno, is having a very serious crush on super spinster actress Genevieve. He told Moet on SoundcityTv: “Genevieve Nnaji is my crush. I will give anything to have her. I can’t rule out dating her because nothing is impossible.” He noted that if he could achieve this ambition of marrying Genevive, D’banj’s former lover, he would have then accomplished the biggest dream of his life.

On Genevieve getting married to Pyno or anyone else soon, we must not bet on that. Particularly because those who put a bet on D’banj and Genevieve during their hot romance got their fingers burnt. Bella Naija, a popular Nigerian blogger whose real name is Uche Eze, raised our hopes then with her scoop:

“We hear that if things go on smoothly, the Koko Master may get down on one knee and pop the question plus our source tells us the couple are open to the idea of having a D’banj or Gene Jnr soon.”

And D’banj helped to fuel BellaNaija’s scoop with these words: “I would love to have Genevieve as my wife. We never can tell what God plans for us in the future. I have studied her and I realised that anyone that has her as his woman has found himself a treasure.”

As it turned out, D’Banj was merely playing games with Genevieve‘s heart and our minds. The whirlwind romance led to nowhere. D’Banj has now moved on to pastures new, lovewise. And Genevieve is back in the market, for Phyno and other hustlers to haggle.

Dbanj and Genevieve Nnaji at Club Ultimate-December 2013. PHOTO Credit: BellaNaija

Dbanj and Genevieve Nnaji at Club Ultimate-December 2013. PHOTO Credit: BellaNaija

Linda Ikeji, Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Dominic, 39, Nadia Buari, 31, Tonto Dikeh, 29, the list is endless, are the glittering stars in this league of eligible spinsters. But why are these rich and famous girls still single and searching? Is it hard luck? Or they are simply not Wife Materials? Or that Nigerian men have raised the bar too high it is impossible for them to scale over? XCLUSIVE magazine goes in search of the answers.

We visit the Twitter TRENDING TOPIC in Nigeria: How to Spot a Wife Material. We sift out the most interesting views, and leave out the thrash. It is then up to you to deduce from our findings why our select celebrity spinsters, in spite of their stunning good looks, loads of cash and high profile crushes, are not Wife Materials:

1. She must be beautiful
The kind of beautiful women Nigerian men are looking for may not be in this planet earth. Classy without make-up. A natural beauty. As Faturoti Olutola puts it in a tweet: She has to have voice like Asa or Rihanna, a body like Omotola or Nicki Minaj, eyes like Genevieve, legs like Agbani Darego, be wealthy like Beyonce or Linda Ikeji. Please show me a lady who has all these qualities and she is still single and I will walk naked at Ojuelegba roundabout.

2. She must be a good cook
They say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. So “a wife material must be a good cook,” tweets Oluwaseye Omidiora. And being a good cook means, according to tweeter Prince Kay (@Priiincekay), not putting “salt in noodles.” Well, these celebrity spinsters may be good cooks, but where can they find the time to do that? Linda runs arguably the biggest and busiest blog in Nigeria. Genevieve is out there endorsing big brand names such as Etisalat, Amstel Malta, Range Rover Evoque and MUD Cosmetics. And Rita is hopping from one film location to the other. These celebrity women are not kitchen materials, biko…and no way will they give up or slow down their career just because you are putting marriage on the table!

3. She must be Excellent in bed
Wow! Every man likes a woman-tiger in bed. Aggressive and daring in a pleasurable way. Olagunju Olayiwola (@Ebben_best) tweets: “she’s excellent in bed.” Well, it may not be enough to keep an African man, polygamous in nature, from playing away. Still she needs to provide something for him to look forward to in the bedroom…whenever he is returning home. These ladies are stars, but they are also humans with sexual cravings and orgies like the rest of us. When D’banj said that Genevieve was a “treasure,” he probably meant in all matters that included, as Tweeter Self-obssesed (@Mzta_kezy) puts it, “dope bedmatic skills.” Problem is: will these celebs be waiting at home when you are back? Will they even have all the time? Linda attends to her blog 24-7! Rita is on location! Genevieve is endorsing a product in far away New york! And you are home, in bed and alone!

4. She must be Open, submissive and honest
Phones are not just to make calls these days. In today’s world of twitter, bbm, facebook, instagram, a phone does so many things, including keeping social media secrets. So a wife material, who has nothing to hide, tweets Aunty Ifeoma, should not put a password on her Phone. Linda has 401K followers on Twitter, Genevieve with 594,217 Facebook likes, Rita Dominic with over 150,536 followers on instagram…and you want her phone to be lying about in the house unprotected? You must be joking! But if she does not put a password on her Phone because she has got nothing to hide, Ikenna Stephen warns in a tweet, “don’t be too carried away with that because there may be a hidden agenda. A woman’s life is her phone. It probably means she’s got anoda fone where she keeps her secrets!!!” These women are just too big a fish. No Nigerian man will want to marry a woman he can’t tame!

5. She is not materialistic
Tweeters are saying that a materialistic woman is a no, no. Nigerian women are known, in fact, they are legends in their crave for material things. Relationship in Nigeria now is all about money, and the intense struggle to keep up with the material pursuit in a relationship is the primary factor in the promotion of promiscuity in the society. Most times the quest for lucre is to satisfy the utterly mundane. Demanding for Samsung GalaxyX5 from a man who is still managing iPhone4 is stretching the man and the relationship too far. It is a common knowledge that Nigerian women generally are very materialistic, but here we are talking about celebrity spinsters, who are no spongers. They are money spinners: Linda Ikeji purchased a N24million 2014 Range Rover a few days ago, the latest of her expensive car collections; Genevieve Nnaji, according to Vanguard’s Richest Celebrity List, has a net worth of N220 million from endorsements alone; and Rita Dominic is 4th in the Nollywood richlist (actresses) with net earnings of mouth-watering 58 Million Naira. The truth is: these celeb spinsters don’t need a dime from a future husband, unless you are in the league of Alhaji Aliko Dangote. However, here is where the problem lies: some time ago, Linda Ikeji told Teju Babyface on Teju Babyface Show that the key criterion of her dream man is that “he should have a job, not necessarily to support me financially.” In other words, she is saying to the prospective suitor: go get your own money; leave my money alone! These celebs spinsters are scared stiff of you, a gold digger in husband’s clothing.

6. She must be BORN-AGAIN
For most Nigerian men, like Israeli Forces (@goldenric) in his tweets, being “a born again is a basic criterion.” And a real born again wife, GOALdigger (@oria_bure) suggests, must have only two male friends: her man & Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ does not do Facebook, nor Twitter, nor Instagram, but if you think that the men among Linda’s 401K Twitter followers, Genevive’s 594,217 Facebook likes and Rita’s over 150,536 followers on Instagram are all just fans you need to get your head examined. These celebs are pulling huge crown around them. And Nigerian men are scared, intimidated and even paranoid by such market place of fans because they (Nigerian men) can’t easily tell the sheep from the wolves. Jealousy!

How to spot a wife material is, Emya Ink notes, a “grim reminder of how a lot of men view women.” But also, and this is the key, to remind all eligible bachelors that a good wife material may be impossible to find, and the ones that meet these criteria are not enough to go round.

There is no specific formula to spotting a wife material. Amadi Chukka tweets, “Every woman is qualified (in one way or the other). It depends on what the guy wants. It differs among guys.”

So, marry her! Marry Linda Ikeji for her money; marry Genevieve Nnaji for her romantic eyes, Rita Dominic for her good looks…and all other things will be added onto you!

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