Tonto Dike, one of Nollywood’s most controversial acts

Tonto Dikeh: the Shame behind the Fame

Tonto Dikeh – For generations, conspiracy theories has mustered more attention than so many Hollywood blockbusters. From the times of ancient Roman sheep-skin sandals to this age of Italy’s Rome Duccio, humans in every gender have invested in the eagerness to know how these theories pan out.

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And just as conspiracy theories steal people’s attention, controversial works of art have also bewitched us, leaving Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses, as two quick references. Brown’s claim of Mary Magdalene as the wife of Jesus Christ and the true Holy Grail which the first church has been trying to cover up for hundreds of decades, got him slandering words from many Christians while Rushdie’s 1988 novel attracted even death threats from many Muslim nations with a Fatwa (Shariah Law) on his head, issued by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of Iran on Tuesday, February 14, 1989.

However, controversies are not limited to works of arts; they extend to humans themselves. In the Nigerian entertainment industry, Tonto Dikeh made it as one of Nollywood’s most controversial acts. These controversies surrounding her have been very strong even from the time of her emergence into the industry. There is often something to talk about whenever her name pops up, even though many insist she’s enjoying the controversies she creates through her many actions in movies and off-set.

Rumoured amongst many Nigerians, home and abroad, to be so many things beside good, Tonto Dikeh’s recent movies and her newfound love in music portrays she careless. Making her paper (money) like they now insist on the streets, she’s rising very fast as one of Nollywood’s highest paid acts. And turning the pages of Celebrities’ Kill-jabs in Xclusive Magazine’s archive, we can also recollect the considered annoying-on-stage horny tango with 2Face Idibia at his “Unforgettable” concert at the Expo Hall of the Eko Hotel & Suites back in 2010, tagged by some as “Time to Have Sex.”

Over the cause of her very fast rise, many have wondered if Tonto Dikeh has no shame or she just loves the attention. She has attracted more rumours in so little a time, rumours crazier than many veterans in Nollywood have had. She even got the ironical appraisal as her names are being regarded as both gender genitals: Tonto as “toto” and Dikeh as D**k. And to worsen the developments, so many Nigerians swore they are certain she’s dying to go nude in movies, her juicy roles are just her being a waiting-to-erupt volcano.

The Tonto – Wizkid Romance
The popular adage of the Western worlds, “age is just a number” is strongly opposed by Nigerians when it is a case of a older lady going out with a younger man, except in the cases of Sugar Mummies, which of course isn’t boasted of. Many Nigerian ladies, from brutal experience of mine, will never tolerate a relationship between younger men no matter what the circumstance is. One of the seemingly reasons being to avoid slandering criticism from their peers, and two, the ego of never going down to respect a younger soulmate.

Starting off as her acting career heightens, Tonto Dikeh got so many vocal jabs from journalists and enthusiastic bloggers about a possible romantic relationship with the then fast rising singer, Ayo “Wizkid” Balogun. Even though she denied the allegation and declared a relationship with the defunct Mo’Hits Records now Mavin Records boss, Don Jazzy back then, many sank their claws in the story as more soon followed. The many shameful headlines flooding the internet at the time included, “WIZKID AND TONTO DIKE CUT (CAUGHT) HAVING SEX IN A HOTEL” and the supposed video with the headline, “Tonto Dikeh talks about her and WizKid, sitting with legs wide open.”

Tonto Dikeh, the Amazing On-Screen VIAGRA
Yes, as dirty as it may sound, Tonto has the power to do the above if you pay close attention to her recent movies. No wonder, many insist she’s a waiting-to-erupt volcano. But of course, no, she’s yet to go as wild as Hollywood’s Sharon Stone. Not here to list movies, but so many of them flood the Nigeria market right now and in a way, she’s wooing more fans at every explosive act. Though not a better version of Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Liz Benson or Ronke Oshodi Oke, still she qualifies as a great subject of turn-on with so many as she does her cat semi-striptease moves in movies. Criticize all you want, she’s really enjoying the attention, perhaps she’s Nigeria’s very own Sharon Stone in the works. No matter who you think you are, looks like it’s still like she reportedly tells her critics, “I Don’t Give a F**K.”

‘The Illuminati,’ Nigeria’s New Craze
Several decades after one of the supposed most powerful secret societies of the western worlds, the Illuminati has supposedly dominated the world’s economy, media and power, Nigerians are now going bananas about it. Now we have so many looking out for the supposed “all seeing eye of Horus or the anti-Christ,” in Nigeria’s celebrity music videos, photos or movies.

Just as they tagged the kokomaster, D’banj as the Nigeria’s top-boss representing the Illuminati in entertainment, Tonto Dikeh is listed as the top lady. With many other Nigerian celebrities like Timaya, Olamide, Davido, Charley Boy, P-Square and a host of others. Not sure if driving a Bentley or rocking Jimmy Choo shoes with ice makes one a member of the Illuminati, but somehow, many Nigerians believe in their claims. Perhaps one of the many sources fueling the allegations was one of Tonto Dikeh’s ink of a woman supposedly with snakes from her head and the head of snakes to her mouth on her back. So like the sudden Nigeria’s interest in symbols, and everything connected to Illuminati’s world dominance, they battered her in words. Her inks are being compared to that US saucy controversial singer, Rihanna, who most also insist ranks as one of the leading female Illuminatis. But then again, the controversial sexy act, over the micro-blogging website, Twitter, yelled at her haters, “If ma Very xpensiv Tattz affectz U* Kill ur fuckdup sef**N yez I said it*Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*am such a big DEAL*”‘

Founded on Wednesday, May 1, 1776, several weeks before the United States of America’s Declaration of Independence on Thursday, July 4, 1776, in Ingolstadt (Upper Bavaria) as the Order of the Illuminati, with an initial membership of five, by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt. The Illuminati, contrary to the claims of many, insists that it is just a secret society of the enlightened ones. And the word Illuminati is reportedly coined from the Latin word, “illuminatus,” meaning “Enlightened.” But if you are really seeking to know if being an Illuminati is bad, or how to join like many young Nigerians in desperation for fame and wealth are, we obviously can’t HELP you!

Tonto, the Striving Diva
Featured on Kas’s song, “Iyawo Wind” was perhaps one of those intros that never worked. Murdered with the auto-tune and even if was an amazing song got tagged a total ear-sore, waste of time, money and energy. The people were not impressed as both Kas and herself reportedly sounded like chalked T-pain wannabes, dressed like caged clowns. Perhaps if she had known, Tonto would have stuck to that one time with Kas that never worked, but she herself dabbed at it, dropping two singles, “Itz Ova” and “Hi,” on Monday, October 17, 2012. That day was a red letter one, as it went viral like a disease all over the web with so many Nigerians home and abroad condemning it. The comments were so choking enough that the world wide web (WWW) almost stool blood as vocal machetes, daggers and go-to-hell were being tossed.

Below are some of the many comments and photos, but names are withheld:

“Na craze de worry her. Its a violation of listeners ears that she had the effontry to shamelessly release this Stewpid music. Rawbish.”

“Tonto, my sweet Tonto. Whoever was advising you to release this song led you astray. She should have invested her time in voice lessons. Now people will mistakenly think that you are a razz girl.”

“I used it (one of Tonto Dikeh’s songs) as start up tone 4 my nokia. As power on the phone, the two hands (the two hands at Nokia phones startup indicating the connecting people claims) no longer shake hands.”

“If you want to torment your enemies, just play them Tonto Dike songs. And to everyone complaining, the best way to enjoy the song is to listen to it mute.”

“You say bad? Bebe, it is f**king suicidal…..with that coughing part that is deep like someone who’s got tuberculosis…#singing#…I’ll see you later…..all i want is get high……”

“The song woowooo d beatz behind come mek am woowoo pass. why she cough fo tat ting na because dem wizzy ma dey cough fo song na wa o.”

“WARNING: The song you are about to listen to, may cause depression, drowsiness, dellusion and can also make you commit suicide. Please do not play this music if you are driving, operating heavy or potentially dangerous machinery TONTO DIKE cannot be held liable for any injuries or death that occurs as a result of listening to this song.. Listeners discretion is strongly advised…ITZOVA n GET HIGH By TONTO DIKE.”

“But really we need to stop her and if possible abduct her before she tries to add insult to injury by releasing a video for those Preposterous babbles she calls songs!”

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