Peter “Oracle” Nwaoboshi

SQUANDERING OF RICHES: Nwaoboshi Plunders Delta State Oshimili North LG’s Coffers

Barrister Peter

Barrister Peter “Oracle” Nwaoboshi

Arrogant, selfish and greedy Peter Nwaoboshi is on the rampage, plundering Delta State Oshimili North Local Government’s coffers to fund his senatorial campaign. As a result of this looting spree with impunity, the council’s bank account has been in the red since December 2014.

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Xclusive Magazine exclusively broke the news on 12 January 2015 that Oshimili North is Broke, after N10million payout to Nwaoboshi out of its N67million Federal Allocation for November 2014, a report that Nwaoboshi and Ndukwe are yet to deny.

New information available to us shows that the monthly percentage payout to Nwaoboshi is only the tip of the iceberg. A very reliable insider source told Xclusive Magazine that a sizable chunk of what is left of the Council’s federal allocation after the payout to Nwaoboshi is channelled towards funding Nwaoboshi’s inordinate senatorial ambition, leaving the Chairman with very little money to run the Council.

The insider source further confided in Xclusive Magazine that the use of the Oshimili North Federal Allocation to finance Nwaoboshi’s senatorial pursuit is not that the arrogant former State People’s Democractic Party (PDP) chairman is lacking enough personal funds, but because he is a very selfish man who prefers to take out of society than he is willing to give to it.

“He is nicknamed the Oracle because he sees himself as a local political deity to whom all worshippers must come to pay homage, bearing cash and gifts. And what is really at stake here is that Nwaoboshi sees politics as a business and public wealth as riches to be squandered. So in his political godson, Ndukwe, there is a debtor, who must pay Nwaoboshi back every iota of political favour rendered, even if it has to be with a pound of flesh. You know, like Shylock Holmes,” our source said.

Another source very close to Nwaoboshi, and who is in the known about his every political moves and conversant with the general political happenings within the Oshimili North Local Government Area, confided in Xclusive Magazine that apart from his myopic sense of public service, Nwaoboshi has realised that his hope of winning the Senatorial election against a formidable opponent in Delta State former speaker Victor Ochei is fading by the day, and as a “smart alec” has chosen the easy route of mitigating any financial loss by transferring the financial burden to a third party, which is Oshimili North local government.

“Using money from Oshimili North to run his campaign is a damage limitation strategy. After he had lost the senatorial elections, he would take stock, with the satisfaction that he ran his entire senatorial campaign at no financial cost or loss to himself. So he is going for a financial win-win situation,” our source said.

Oshimili North is effectively targeted by Nwaoboshi because the Council chairman, Louis Ndukwe, is his stooge and political son. Ndukwe is a product of the Tripod Agenda 2015, a political contraction by Nwaoboshi used to smuggled his preferred stooges into office by intimidating and arm-twisting opponents. Nwaoboshi had hand-picked Ndukwe at the expense of other Anioma indigenes who paid a whooping sum of one million naira for the Chairmanship forms but were never given the chance to contest.

But as Ndukwe is now beginning to realise, Oracle’s favour has come at a very high cost. We can report authoritatively that the Ukala-Okpuno born Ndukwe is continuously being pressurized, bullied, strangulated and intimidated to make these hefty financial settlements to his overbearing and insatiable godfather.

A former godson of Nwaoboshi, who had since parted company with him, explains that what Ndukwe is going through is known within the Anioma political circle as the “Oracle Syndrome,” a form of “political disorder” that afflicts all Nwaoboshi’s political godsons and daughters, as they struggle over the limit of their human power to appease their overbearing godfather.

We understand that the financial state of the Oshimili North is so critical that the embattled Chairman of the broke-ass Council has resorted to borrowing money from heavily loaded individuals to meet monthly administrative costs of the council. One of these notable individuals is Mr Elofu Dike, the owner of Hotel de Espana, Asaba. Mr Dike is also the Director-General of the defunct Tripod Agenda 2015, and Equity 2015, as Nwaoboshi’s campaign team is called.

Xclusive Magazine gathered on good authority that for about three months the Hotelier has single-handedly been bankrolling the Council’s administrative costs on a quid pro quo (“something for something”) basis.

“Elofu lends a couple of hundreds of naira to help the chairman meet out of pocket expenses and administrative service costs and in return he (Elofu) gets the first option in all the juicy contracts in the Local Government. It is not a good arrangement for Louis, but he has no other option,” our reliable source explains.

The source further reveals that the clearing of all dump sites in the local Govt, the building of Administrative quarters for the councillors inside the Council and the upgrading of Ezukwu-Achalla road Ibusa are three of the many on-going mouth-watering contracts already awarded to Mr Dike.

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