Rescued Boko Haram Girls

Should Boko Haram Girls Abort Their Pregnancy?

Should Pregnant Boko Haram Girls to Abort Pregnancy?

Rescued Boko Haram Girls. Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

Should Boko Haram girls abort their pregnancy? The nation was thrown into a state of euphoria when reports confirmed that the Nigerian Army had rescued about 687 women and girls held as hostages by the terrorist group called Boko Haram.

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However, there was a twist to the event, disastrous news, passed to us by United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA), that about 214 of the 687 women and girls are at various stages of pregnancy. Sad indeed! Reports have it that some of the pregnant girls confirmed that the men took turns to sleep with them. What horror! Some of these are young girls with age ranging from 13 and 16!

Opinions were sought on, using the social media platform, what Nigerians would advise the federal government to do about this situation. Should Pregnant Boko Haram Girls to Abort Pregnancy? Some people have called for the girls to keep the pregnancies and have their children giving reasons of religion; others have suggested that the babes should be aborted.

Aisha Edo, a self-employed CEO from Makurdi, said: “This is a very sensitive issue. To me I think the girls should be kept in asylum for at least 2 years for them to have their babies and recover from the shock and trauma. These babies should be kept in a separate location away from their mothers. With this they will recover faster. Then the issue of the children, if you know what is called socialization, if these children are well trained to be good citizens of Nigeria, they won’t do what their fathers did. As a result, such a thing won’t repeat itself. Abortion is child abuse. Those kids have the rights to live, they never put themselves in those wombs so should not be hated before they will be born.”

Fola Ikumoluyi from Lagos states that abortion is not a solution: “I think abortion is not the solution, we should think about the innocent babies that know nothing about this Boko Haram, they a coming into their own world, sinless. Our government should please make education compulsory to a level that one can know and understand that his/her life belongs to him or she and no religion or any group can lead them astray.”

Ola Akangbe added that government should help the girls: “If pregnancy can be terminated without endangering the victims without any other consideration let any one of them that want the abortion get enough support and care.”

However, majority have called out that the best option for the girls would be induced abortions! Conducted by professionals and not quacks: “Aborting the pregnancies is not advisable because of God Almighty but giving birth will be highly disastrous because they are going to be future Boko Haram both the males and females so i don’t know the best option here apart from an abortion.”

Larger Knowles, who lives in Abuja while responding said: “They should abort the baby and that ends there. The only remedy is abortion. All those religious sentiments should not even be an issue. Abort the pregnancies.”

“Imagine you hate a child before he is born. There is no point bringing him from the first place. I am for abortion!! Simple we have committed many offences to God. He will understand,” said Borno student Abdullahi Abubakar.

Still responding on the pregnant girls, Afolabi noted with joy: “The pregnancy should just be aborted final, if not who then is their father? So sad and painful. It will be better to abort those pregnancies because the condition under which they got pregnant will continue to hunt them and there will be no love for those children. Having children for those cursed men will be a nightmare for those women!”

Popoola Olugbenga Sunday added that babies will bring no joy to this world: “What joy will those babies bring to the girls family. Take away the sorrow before it’s too late.”

It is so sad that those young children who should still be enjoying the love and care of their mother have been thrown into the dungeon of sorrow and despair. Already carrying children they might loathe considering the circumstances surrounding their births.

So what do you think? As our brother’s keeper, how do you what the Federal Government to handle the situation? Should Boko Haram girls abort their pregnancy? Or should they not?