House of Representatives Member, Haman Hembe

Reps Explain Delay In Science Varsity Take Off

House of Representatives Member, Haman Hembe, has explained that delay in passing enabling laws is what has hampered set up of Abuja’s first Science and Technology base university, and a federal college of Agriculture in Lagos.

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Hembe made this known in Abuja while speaking to XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE: “One of the problems that contributed to this long delay is probably one of the Chambers complete work on the bill and the other could not. It could also be that the two Houses were able to finish work on the bills and send it to the President for assent but for a reason or another he could not. But the law maker says that all these are in the past as the House is all set to get the job done.

“This time, the House is going to ensure that the Senate expedite action on it and send to the President for assent. The school is ready, the infrastructures are in place and ready to take with 200 students.

“So, we are mindful of the benefits this would impact on our education system and FCT in particular and that is why we are determined this time, to make this a reality because it is unthinkable that the FCT
does not have its own tertiary institution”, Hembe said.

The House on Tuesday had earlier further advanced its process of establishing the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) University of Science and Technology and the FCT College of Agriculture.

This followed the public hearing put together by the House committee on FCT, headed by Rep Hembe (APC, Benue), on two bills for the establishment of both institutions. Both institutions of higher learning are to be located at Abaji, Abuja, the federal capital territory and Yaba, Lagos, respectively, with mandates to focus squarely on the purpose for their establishment.

Chairman Hembe assured of the committee’s determination to ensure concurrence of both bills by the Senate after their eventual passage by the House, and forwarded to President Muhammadu Buhari for his assent before the next academic session.

Making presentation at the public hearing, the FCT director of drafting and legal services, Isa Bin Abdullahi, suggested that the name be changed to Abuja University of Science and Technology, instead of the verbosely worded title.

“The name should be all encompassing, so that it will show that the institution is owned by the FCT and not by the city, which is part of the FCT”, Hembe reacted.

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