All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) House of Assembly candidate, Chief (Dr.) Tony Azuya and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) House of Assembly candidate Barrister Pat Princess Ajudua

Politics of Bitterness, as Princess Ajudua Fights Dirty

 All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) House of Assembly candidate, Chief (Dr.) Tony Azuya and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) House of Assembly candidate Barrister Pat Princess Ajudua

All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) House of Assembly candidate, Chief (Dr.) Tony Azuya and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) House of Assembly candidate Barrister Pat Princess Ajudua

Princess Pat Ajudua is garnering ignominy as someone who does not only play politics of bitterness, but likes to fight dirty. And in her on-going political war with All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) House of Assembly candidate, Chief (Dr.) Tony Azuya, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) House of Assembly candidate has gone on an ambitious overdrive.

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Ordinarily, development of Oshimili North constituency falls under her table as the people’s representative in the House of Assembly, but she has continually shown complete apathy in the development of the Local Government. However, good-spirited people, burdened by the plight of the electorate, capitalized on that to put smile on their faces. This is evident in the recent development when the nagging Ashia-Nta pool, Umueze, Ibusa, which have been begging for attention, attracted the goodwill of Chief Tony Azuya. He had swung into action by mobilizing some trips of laterite to fill the yawning craters which have been formed by long abandonment and constant attack of erosion. That bad portion has been a menace to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. It was an eyesore.

Xclusive Magazine reliably gathered that the moment workers mobilized by Chief Tony Azuya commenced work on the site, it was then it dawned on Hon. Princess Ajudua that the shine of glory was being taken from her. She then counter-mobilized tractors and men to the same spot that work was going on to cause a duplication of duties.

“This is quite laughable, because not far from the same spot lined a stretch of bad portions that equally required urgent repairs. Moreover, could she have waited for another person to initiate developmental action on projects she could have done since before acting?” Said one opinion leader within the community.

“It is utter absurdity and travesty of fair play that for eight years she had waited until another election to be reminded of what she was supposed to do but did not do? Hon. Pat Ajudua is invariably telling her constituents that the reason for not attracting developmental projects is a deliberate one. ”

Another of her dirty tactic is the needless and mindless intervention in another philanthropic gesture from the same Chief Azuya. Those who know the community very well insist that the busy Okanga road Ogboli Ibusa is another nightmarish spot that needed urgent attention.

Another opinion leader within the community explains: “The road from Ezukwu to Ogboli is very bad and un-motorable for years. When we pleaded with Princess to rehabilitate the road she told us off. She said we have Chris Matel (Chief Peter Okocha), and that we should tell him to do it for us. Now Tony Azuya was doing it, she came with the police to stop the workers, claiming that it was local government affairs. I trust my Ogboli people; they all came out the following day to supervise the work so as to see how she was going to stop the workers again.”

Xclusive Magazine reported on 17 March 2015, how Adankele and her political thugs openly brandished cutlasses at a campaign rally in Ogboli and threatened to “kill” anyone who dared to stand on her way to victory in the 11 April House of Assembly elections, which highlighted her penchant for using ‘thuggery,” violence and murder to achieve political goals. We also reported that that Mrs Ajudua, in collusion with Peter Nwaoboshi, has presided over the rancorous, acrimonious and very bloody nature of Oshimili politics, what a source refers to as “Point and Kill Politics”.

What could be wrong with Hon. Princess Ajudua? Why she is jostling for another term of four years to further impoverish the entire local government remains unknown? What does she really want from Chief Tony Azuya?

XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE gathered on good authority that before now, the two Houses of Assembly top contenders have never been best of friends neither were they sworn enemies. However, one basic fact is that the father-in-law of the PDP candidate and the father of the APGA candidate were childhood friends.

“They lived like good brothers during their days of yore. That relationship blossomed and extended to the children of the two families until differences began to come in from the business and political angles,” offers a close family source.

Apart from the family relationship, Chief (Barr.) Fred Ajudua and Chief (Dr.) Tony Azuya, the two sons of the old late friends, are great socialites and illustrious sons of Ibusa town. On the political terrain, both parties found themselves on different political divide as the wife of Barr. Fred Ajudua is representing PDP after she contested and won the first chance 2007 under the platform of Accord Party. She then cross-carpeted to PDP after she won the second time in 2011 through court litigation. Therefore, her argument she came from an opposition hence could not perform, will not hold water. After all, Xclusive Magazine gathered on good authority that she enjoyed the backing of the powers that be in the two elections she had contested so far. Meanwhile, this is the first time Chief Azuya is contesting for the House of Assembly slot.

Experts’ statistical analysis on the two candidates, however, is placing the security guru and the man who sits atop a foremost security company in Nigeria, high above his rival. The reasons are not farfetched. His previous political interests have never been embraced like it is now because he had fortuitously fallen into one political web of the self-styled political gladiators – the Ajudua’s and Peter Nwaoboshi – within the Local government. Owing to that he had been bidding the time and waiting for the right opportunity to strike. That time seem to be now.

Secondly, Chief Azuya is magnanimous in every sense of the word. Technocrime, his security outfit, controls over 12,200 staff nationwide. Out of it, his kinsmen from Ibusa and Oshimili north make about 15% of the working strength. At some other times, he has extended hands of fellowship to the widows and the aged in his hometown. Through his foundation, ‘Tony Azuya Foundation’ many helpless students have received boosts to continue their educational pursuits. All these indubitably constitute the major reasons for the latest romance between him and his people. Sentimentally, it is viewed that with him as their representative, more hands of fellowship will be extended by him.

On the other hand, Hon. Princess Pat Ajudua who is the candidate of the ruling People’s Democratic Party has represented the local government for eight consecutive years, yet her tenure has been fraught with below par performance. There is total neglect and gross underdevelopment of the entire constituency. This, the people believe is going to mar her chances of returning for the third time running, besides the fact that she was purportedly imposed on the people by the top echelon of the party leadership.

Our investigations reveal that efforts to convince the people of Oshimili North to vote for her to represent them for a twelfth year term are already hitting a brick wall. This pervasive rejection of her by the electorate, coupled with her inordinate ambition, has resulted in her shameless show of politics of bitterness and her fighting dirty.

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