Barrister Princess Pat Ajudua

PDP RIGGING ALL THE WAY! Ajudua’s “Sophisticated Plan” to Rig Delta Oshimili North Assembly Polls

Barrister Princess Pat Ajudua

Barrister Princess Pat Ajudua

Xclusive Magazine has uncovered a reprehensible plan by Barrister Princess Pat Ajudua, the People’s Democratic Party candidate for the Delta State Oshimili North House of Assembly Elections, to massively rig the House of Assembly elections on Saturday, 11 April 2015.

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A source close to Ajudua’s camp confided in us that “this plan is sophisticated. It involves the use of Permanent Voter Cards (PVC), Incidence Form, Opponent’s agents and violence. The mantra inside Princess Camp right now is: ‘if it worked for Peter Nwaoboshi, it’ll work for Ajudua – It’s PDP rigging all the way’.”

The source further revealed that the rigging plan is similar to that deployed by Mr Peter Nwaoboshi to rig the Delta North senatorial elections against his more formidable opponent in the person of former speaker Victor Ochei

These are Princess Ajudua’s RIGGING STRATEGIES, as uncovered by Xclusive Magazine:

Permanent Voter Cards
Xclusive Magazine reliably gathered that Princess Ajudua has bought a stockpile of Permanent Voter Cards, more than enough to enable her win in the forthcoming house of assembly elections with a very wide margin.

Many people, who registered, including providing their finger prints, were not given the voters’ card. Few days before the general elections, the instruction came that they should collect their cards at the INEC office, but on getting to the INEC office they were told that their cards were not sent from Abuja.

Although this situation replicated itself in many of the cities, in Delta State it was a deliberate ploy by the State INEC officials, working in collaboration with the State PDP, to deprive these voters of their cards and to use the cards for sinister ends. We understand that those voters card were later issued to State PDP, using the details of the original registrants, who are still unaware that these cards have been issued. This explains the high rate of “technical faults” with the card readers in Delta State, particularly in Delta North during the presidential and senatorial elections.

There are also some uncollected PVCs. The postponement of the elections from 14 February presidential election to 28 March and 28 February Governorship election to 11 April 2015 contributed in no small measure in creating voters apathy. After the elections were postponed, many people, who had registered to vote, did not bother to turn up to collect their cards. Those uncollected PVCs and the dubious ones issued to PDP were then sold to Nwaoboshi and Princess.

Incidence form
Xclusive Magazine gathered on good authority that the Incidence Forms tactic, deployed extensively by the PDP structure in the State to rig the massively for Nwaoboshi, will also be used by Princess to rig elections.

It is surprising that in a State where INEC recorded very minor failures during its Card Reader test on 10 March 2015, the main issue during the 28 March elections, particularly in Delta North, was Card Readers’ failure. It faced massive challenges in confirming a person’s finger prints. For this reason, instead of biometric authentication of the person, Physical authentication with the completion of an Incident Form was massively used by legitimate and illegitimate person to vote.

Xclusive Magazine has discovered that the reason for the high record of malfunction card Readers in Delta North was that many voters were submitting dubious Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs). This accounted for the ridiculous and obscene 1,211,405 votes that President Jonathan got in Delta State alone, and the sweeping of the three senatorial seats in the State by the PDP senatorial candidates, including the very unpopular Nwaoboshi in Delta North.

The other plan is to target the agents of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) House of Assembly candidate, Chief Tony Uche Azuya. The unpopular Princess, who is fast losing ground as the election draws nearer, has embarked on what an insider called “Money All the Way,” which he explained as the last desperate attempt by Princess to use large sums of money to prevail on Azuya’s agents to work against their principal on the very day of the election.

APGA House of Assembly candidate, Chief Tony Uche Azuya

APGA House of Assembly candidate, Chief Tony Uche Azuya

We understand that these agents are currently being approached. Bribe amount, which ranges from Ten Thousand Naira to Fifty Thousand Naira per agent, is being offered. However, those Azuya’s agents in key wards where Ajudua is likely to lose massively in the election are simply asked to name their price.

For agents that will eventually be bought over, the instruction to them would be: “See no evil, hear no evil.” It means that under election condition, all the agent needs to do is to sit back, relax and watch illegal thumb printing and snatching of ballot boxes, and to say nothing to his or her principal afterwards.

We gathered on good authority that Princess is secretly recruiting youths including youth corps members serving around the area and giving them tactical training on how to snatch ballot boxes in any Polling Units she appears to be losing during the elections. The tactical training also comes with a stern order to unleash violence and mayhem wherever they face resistance.

Ajudua, who has frittered away N880 Million Constituency Allowance in her almost eight years in the Delta State House of Assembly, is notorious for using thugs, violence and murder to achieve her political goals. Xclusive Magazine reported on 17 March 2015 how, in a political rally at Ogboli, Ibusa, Delta State on 15 March 2015, Adankele, as Pat Ajudua is popularly called, and her political thugs openly brandished cutlasses and threatened to “kill” anyone who dared to stand on her way to victory in the 11 April House of Assembly elections.

INEC insists on Card Readers
But the good news for Chief Azuya and numerous lovers of democracy in the Local Government is that the INEC has announced today, 6 April 2015 that Card Readers would be used for Saturday’s governorship and houses of assembly elections across the country.

Augusta Ogakwu, Secretary to the Commission, said in a statement: “The provision of the Guidelines for the conduct of the 2015 General Elections which outlined what is to be done if a Card Reader fails and cannot be replaced by the Commission within a specified time frame (i.e. Reschedule the election to the next day) will be enforced.

“The relaxation of the Guideline on 28th March 2015 was only with respect to the Presidential and National Assembly elections held on that date. The Commission has reviewed the operation of the Card Reader in the 28thMarch Elections, identified the challenges and has taken adequate measures to address them.”

If INEC could keep to their promise, it would then mean that Princess’ stockpile of voters cards would be useless after all.