OYINBO PRINCESS: British Performer Who Uses Pidgin as an Artform

OYINBO PRINCESS: British Performer Who Uses Pidgin as an Artform

 OYINBO PRINCESS: British Performer Who Uses Pidgin as an Artform

OYINBO PRINCESS: British Performer Who Uses Pidgin as an Artform

It is no longer news that some Nigerian parents, although decolonized themselves, still walk the path of colonization by restricting their children to speaking only foreign languages at the expense of the national language. Foreign languages are good, but the mother tongue is better.

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Meanwhile, while these parents are busy colonizing our children by describing the native language to them as vulgar, foreigners are striving to be recognized as speakers of the said ‘vulgar’ language. In their quest, they strive and sweat to understand these languages, and communicate with them.

Maybe, just maybe after meeting OYINBO PRINCESS, there would be a change of heart and a new perspective on our indigenous languages. The British born and bred artiste does not only love the Nigerian culture, but has also carved a niche for herself as one of the many foreigners who have raised the pidgin English to the level of an Artform. Apart from the Pidgin English, Oyinbo Princess can make a few sentences in one or two of the numerous Nigerian languages.

Oyinbo Princess, as she is called, was born and brought up in London, but developed a pure passion for the Nigeria culture, music, food and language. As a result of her love for the country, she started following as many online Nigerian portals in order to ground herself as much as possible with the basics and even more.

There are other foreigners who are also following this trend; some of them even studied here and learnt these languages, and a couple of them are quite popular too. But what stands Princess out is her passion and her creative use of pidgin English.

Princess speaks pidgin like a Warri born and bred! A lot of Nigerians can not make coherent statements in this Creole language but our dear Oyinbo even performs in the language. She performs in pidgin, speaks fluently and writes masterfully. Although as expected, her Elizabethan accent finds its way into her words but that is the art! You reel in laughter! (Scroll Down for Video)

Curiosity got the best of us, and your darling Xclusive Magazine contacted Princess to hear from the horses’ mouth. And in pidgin she said to us:

“Na the interest wey I get dey carry me go,” and when asked why she chose pidgin of all other languages she replies, “the sound dey sweet me well well and the kind warmth wey I get for 9ja no be small at all.”

Not only does she have passion for this country, she has so many dreams and visions connected to this passion. According to the pretty blonde, she intends to be in the country very soon to unleash some of her plans in pipework. Xclusive Magazine also gathered that Princess has plans to work with Dezign Collins as soon as she lands in the country.

The talented entertainer already has a steadily growing Nigerian fan base on all of the social media networks. She is a delight to watch any day.

VIDEO: Oyinbo Princess – See Ashawo Girls…

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