Odearism of Mass Murder in Nigeria

The Odearism of Mass Murder in Nigeria

Odearism is the vocalisation of entrenched helplessness. The popular Nigerian utterance “Na wa O!” is an approximate equivalent of the British exclamation “O Dear!”. And “O Dear” is an expression of some happening that is terrible but one that nothing [rational] can (by the witness) or could (by the authorities) be done about it, at least immediately. The occurrence of death in Nigeria especially mass murder has become the epitome of Odearism.

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In the country [Nigeria] people die as if life is costless, they live as if death is a public service – heavily subsidised and readily served. Death has no cost, life has no price. The word “sanctity” has been completely expunged from the Nigerian psyche only to be used in rare instances by unusual persons. The dispiriting uncertainties of life and death grip the nation in every waking moment; such is the derisory consciousness of a nation decivilised.

A decivilised society is one in which its sustenance and continuity is derived by moving its people from the expectations of present and future expectations of living to those of more primitive times. What keeps Nigeria going is nothing like the modern and posts-modern status it claims, retrograde realities of savages and savagery make it persist. It is living example of back to the distant past not the future.

When you have a society in which any special interest group that has to assert its privilege, supremacy or influence over competitors, denizens, and resistors in Nigeria with impunity, theatres of heinous violence and the wanton mass murder of innocent people are surely imminent. When citizens live in a country where politicians, top bureaucrats and the security [inclusive of their clients] are their main mass murderers, death has to be made irrelevant enough for it to persist as an “O Dear” affair.

When “O Dear” is all Presidents Obasanjo, Yar’Adua, Jonathan and Buhari can say to the growing feast of mass murder in Nigeria, the return to democracy has to be thoroughly questioned. When any kind of democracy is assumed to be better than any other form of government while ubiquitous mass murder is tolerated and accepted. we have to seriously distrust the officials, intellectuals and agitators speaking on behalf of the citizenry. Democracy and decivilisation (through butchery and corruption) cannot be compatible.

Attempt to argue against the realities of the decivilsation of Nigeria and let us see how well it stands up.

In countries where life is cheaper than death the politicians have to be useless, the bureaucrats hopeless, the intellectuals spineless, the clergy toothless and common man and woman helpless. Nigeria has become the “Land of Less Than Expected” in everything.

In the Book of Deuteronomy 30:19 it is said “This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live”. With all the pilgrimages to Mecca and Jerusalem, Nigerian heads of state perform as if a routine of office, they have incontrovertibly chosen death for their citizens as it wills.

Nigeria’s mass murder culture has many shades and the once unthinkable mass grave / mass burial is now a regular event. The health care system which is supposed to prevent death indefinitely within reason has become a bureaucracy of mass murder. The security forces inclusive of the police and the military kill more innocent citizens than it protects with unobstructed instruments of mass murder. Importers of substandard and toxic foods and drugs play their own role in the festival of mass murder in Nigeria.

The so-called “respectable” oil companies fund and arm state security forces, militant groups and criminal gangs that protect petroleum pipelines have a hand, toe, chin and too in Nigeria’s mass murder annals. Cows, a significant part of Nigeria’s food and agriculture has observed that their caretakers are rampant and bloodthirsty mass murderers with a difference; they are protected with impunity by the very Commander-in-Chief of the country. Who is shaking their heads?

Those who have rational-minded hope for Nigeria should continue to say “O Dear!” [and its local equivalents] or go to visit a shrink. What more can they do?

For those who weep that they are tired of criticisms and want solutions should for once think about this. There is no solution to mass murder other than the leaders of the country taking responsibility and doing what is expected of their office as is laid down by the law. Any one who can find a better solution than this should please share it.

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