Col. Joe Achuzia (rtd.)

QUIT NOTICE TO IGBOs: Northern youths were sponsored

Biafran warlord, Col. Joe Achuzia (rtd.) has said that Coalition of Northern Youths (CNY) were sponsored to issue quit notice order to Igbos to instigate the Nigerian Army to further unleash terror on Biafran agitators.

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Speaking in Asaba, Achuzia, who was the former Secretary-General of the Igbo apex body – the Ohaneze Ndigbo, maintained that the Northern youths were being misguided by their leaders and elders. He categorically said the Northern youths, led by their spokesperson, Alhaji AbdulAziza Suleiman, were sponsored to issue such ultimatum to instigate the Nigerian Army to further unleash terror of Biafran agitators.

According to him, “I see two things in the ultimatum. It is either they (the Arewa youths) are being sponsored or it a warning to the Biafran agitators. It is also a ploy to make the Nigerian security organization to flex their muscle and make them feel that they were going to do something funny at the expiration of the ultimatum, so that next time the issue of Biafran sit-at- home or anniversary comes up, the Nigerian military organization would have reasons to clampdown on agitators.”

While he described the quit notice as “a false alarm”, he maintained that the Igbos would remain in the North to manage their estates and businesses until otherwise stated.

“My people should keep calm and be law-abiding. They will remain in the North until a proper alarm is blown, then they will know what to do. We have always canvassed for true federalism. In the absence of that, we want equality in everything concerning anything concerning the present military type of federalism.

“We have invested a lot in Nigeria. Most of the so called civilised investments in the country today came from our people. It is only a fool that will abandon a proper house and go to live in a Batcher. We are highly populated and have opportunity to expand in business. And that is why, if an Igbo man finds another market for his business empire, he would not bother about what happens in the other parts of Nigeria”, he said.

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