Nigerians react to Hushpuppi spending N3.3m in nightclub

Ray HushPuppi is getting a lot of sticks from Nigerians for spending N3.3m on drinks in a nightclub. The Nigerian millionaire was at Sip Restau-Lounge, Akin-Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos on Saturday, 17 June and squandered the whopping N3.3m on expensive wines including Moet.

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And a day after, Malaysia based HushPuppi went to his social media timelines to post photos of the expensive bill and challenge anyone to try better his record spending spree:

“Out here in SIP, let’s see if anyone will compete again so I can humble them like I did to the people before them, lol. I don’t understand how anyone in this world will look at me finish and want to try me, be humble,” Hushpuppi said.

Well, those who took up the challenge were not millionaires. They were Nigerians who are not happy about it and felt that HushPuppi had acted stupidly. Here is how Nigerians reacted on the comments section of to the news that Ray Hushpuppi had spent a whopping N3.3 million on drinks in just one night in nightclub:

Kenny Simon: It’s good to spend but wisely. I hope your parents & all the members of your family are living a meaningful life as you spend on them. Also people around you, if not you’re a big goat with big horns & longest tale.

Nnason Gold:That is stupidity while there are some people that never eat for some days let people around you remember tou for good things you did for them not this kind of rubish things

Tariye Aaron: Pls use ur money to help d less privilege in Nigeria, my brother nt buy drinks abeg

Peace Onyedimma Chinemerem:I challenge you, young man, if you can spend 10% of this particular money you lavished on the less privilege, you will become wealthier than you expected. Do you know that there are people that doesn’t eat one square meal a day, not because they don’t want to eat but because they don’t have. There are children who doesn’t go to ordinary primary school because of lack of money. I am crying right now. Please help…

Okara Ngozi: The way u re spending money in ds recession is not ideal,why not use d money and be moving from one place to another and bless those dt need it badly.instead of showing off and enriching nightclub owners alone.u can be fun but not spending dt huge amount a night.u can change lives on daily basis.

Florence Ngozi Ezeani-anno: Just know that there are motherless children, people sleeping under the bridge, poor children that need scholarship, very poor that are owing house rent, old people in old people’s home that need support, children that go about on empty stomach, people detained in hospitals because they cannot pay hospital bills, beggars in the streets, missionaries on mission work but money to feed, internally displaced people etc. So please do well to remember them, its better than spending that amount at club

Other Nigerians evoke the spirit of Evans on him, wishing he was still on the prawl so that he could teach Ray Hushpuppi a big lesson: “Thunder fire u…..ure a big fool,” wrote Osamed Imasuen, “Hw I wish Evans was not in chains he would have kidnapped you and your family….useless he goat.”

For those who are not in the known, Evans (real name: Chukuwdi Dumeme Onuamadike) is the Nigeria’s most notorious kidnapper, who led a highly organized kidnap for ransom syndicate and criminal gang that was responsible for the kidnap of several notable/prominent Nigerians in Lagos State, including the Western, Eastern, South-South and some Northern States.

This is not the first time Hushpuppi would be in the news for throwing money around carelessly. Just last week, on Saturday, 10 June, Millionaire Hushpuppi spent over N2.3 million in just one night at the same Sip Restau-Lounge, Akin-Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. In one week, he has broken his own record by over N1m.

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