Nigeria’s Amb. Bolere Elizabeth Ketebu presents her Letter of Credence to Irish President Michael D. Higgins

Nigerian Embassy Ireland Embroils in Ezeigbo Controversy

Nigeria's Amb. Bolere Elizabeth Ketebu presents her Letter of Credence to Irish President Michael D. Higgins
Nigeria’s Amb. Bolere Elizabeth Ketebu presents her Letter of Credence to Irish President Michael D. Higgins. PHOTO Credits: Vickie Robert

The Embassy of Nigeria, Dublin Ireland has been caught in the deep end of the Ezeigbo Ireland controversial waters. The trigger is a controversial announcement currently on the Embassy’s website in which one of the Awards’ recipients, Barrister Emeka Ezeani, is referred to as “His Royal Highness (HRH)” and the “Eze Ndi’Igbo Ireland.”

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The principal partner of Ceemex & Co was one of the three Achievers Award Recipients at the Nigerian National Day 2014 Award Recipients & Prize winners, organized by the Embassy of Nigeria, Dublin Ireland on 4 October 2014 at the Christ Ambassadors Hall, Glasnevin, Dublin Ireland. The Awards was one of the events lined up to celebrate Nigeria’s 54 Independence Day.

The flamboyant solicitor received the Achievers Award “for his contributions to migrant life and integration through his legal profession.” Other Recipients were Chinedu Onyejelem, publisher of Metro Eireann Newspaper “for his significant contribution to migrant life and integration, by adopting a leading role in the promotion of cross-cultural relationships in multicultural Ireland” and late Alhaja Khadijat Ibrahim of Kimex Ireland Ltd, post-humously awarded “for her significant contribution to commerce in the Afro-Caribbean communities.”

The reference to Mr Ezeani as Ezeigbo Ireland appears to have now overshadowed the Awards that many had earlier seen as a good idea, being the first of its kind by the Nigerian Embassy Ireland.

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The controversial announcement on the Nigerian Embassy website
The controversial announcement on the Nigerian Embassy’s website

Many influential Igbos in Ireland find the association of Mr Ezeani with Eze Ndi’Igbo Ireland title as nauseating, very offensive and shameful, and are expressing their feelings on the social media.

In their post of Facebook, Mike Erugo regards it a “shame to Nigeria mission Ireland. A very big insult to the Igbos in Ireland.” And Chikere Odemena was particular that the Nigeria’s Ambassador to Ireland Dr. Bolere Elizabeth Ketebu has deliberately stepped into the Ezeigbo controversy to take sides, contending that “she has done this deliberately and in spite of the information she has concerning this issue, it is the height of insensitivity to address Matthew Ezeani as Eze Ndi’Igbo Ireland.

However, a reliable source very close to Ambassador Ketebu revealed to Xclusive Magazine that she is surprised by the critical reaction to the Embassy’s reference to Emeka as Ezeigbo, but is indifferent and adamant, as she claims not to be aware that the Ezeigbo title has been in dispute.

In 2009, XCLUSIVE Magazine painstakingly investigated the Ezeigbo tussle and authoritatively reveal all the sordid details in its cover story: Ezeigbo Title Tears Ireland’s Igbo Community Apart.

Barrister Emeka Ezeani referred to as the
Barrister Emeka Ezeani referred to as the “Eze Ndi’Igbo Ireland”
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  1. Toms Emeka Ugwu

    Since Dr. Elizabeth ketebu was posted to Ireland as the new Nigerian Ambassador to Ireland, she has received more warm reception than all her predecessors joined together. It is very unfortunate that the amiable ambassador allowed herself to be used by a depraved opportunist like Ezeani. It is appalling that our ambassador with her public status, did not know that all state govts in Nigeria has banned any worthless title called ezeigbo. The southeast council of traditional rulers and Ohanezendigbo has all banned this cultural epidemic known as ezeigbo. Notwithstanding known facts how few depraved individuals like Ezeani has been angling for the cultural aberration in ezeigbo, our learned Ambassador wittingly extended her hand of recognition to cultural evil called ezeigbo. It is in record how Ezeani has stubbornly ruined his personality and legal career at the slaughter of a worthless kingship without a Kingdom. I think someone need to advice her excellency in this regard. My message to those who crave for worthless igbo titles and those debasing or hawking Igbo title to highest bidder, is that no amount of paid recognition from Ambassador will force Ndigbo to mortgage the cultural future of their children. It is disheartening to watch our Ambassador fell to the sugar coated tongue of narcissistic emeka Ezeani even when professional fts are lacking. Toms Emeka Ugwu BA, LLB, LLM, FCMI.

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