My son’s father and I are closed chapter – Linda Ikeji

After having been goaded repeatedly about the identity of the father of her son she had a couple of months ago in the US Nigeria’s foremost and celebrated blogger, Linda Ikeji has gone public with the identity of the man who put her in the family way but with a little twist. Linda broke the news that she had parted ways with the man who made her a mother in a dramatic Instagram post

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With half-clad picture of herself and her son, Jayce, dangling between her arms, she wrote: “Meet my son, Jayce and yes, Sholaye Jeremi is his dad. Unfortunately, he and I are a completely closed chapter. I wrote something about it on my blog. I hope it reaches those it was intended for. You can go over there and read! God bless”

Of course, when the blogger was delivered of the bouncing gift of life, the rumoured father who is a Deltan Oil-magnate, Sholaye reacted accepting paternity of the boy. But it appears the centre could not hold when he refused to succumb to marriage entreaties from the blogger.

Since the birth of her son, the paternity issue has been hanging like a dagger over the head of the celebrated blogger and the various taunts from her arch enemies were probably more than she could bear, thus the courage to come out in the open to reveal her real situation.

When she mentioned ‘I hope it reaches those it was intended for’ she knew exactly who she was referring to and those she was referring to knew she was referring to them.

As soon as Linda was delivered of her baby, popular blogger, Kemi Olunloyo accused her of paying a surrogate mother 1.8 million naira for the baby. She claims Linda was officially ten months pregnant when the baby was born after her six month announcement in May.

“ Time to drop that prosthetic moon bump and call the surrogate who had settled for N1.8M . Baby J or baby JJ has no official dad, there was even none on her post,” Kemi said after the birth.

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