LIFE WITH AN AFRICAN GIRL – How to Get Away With Cheating (For Men)

How to Get Away With Cheating (For Men)
A bit on the side … can an affair ever be harmless – or possibly healthy for a relationship? Photo: Steve Baccon

Men never cease to amaze me. It’s one of those days when I was going through my ex-file and reflecting on the skills my ex-boyfriends used for cheating on me and their wives.

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I remembered stories my girlfriends told me about their cheating partners and their crafty ways. Well, ladies like I said before, it’s very easy to catch cheating men. Well to you guys, talking from experience, I will help you to brush up your act, but remember that you can never get away with cheating. Believe me, women are very good detectives once they suspect their men of cheating.

Well, guys we start with the don’ts.

Rule number one:
Never have an affair with your partner’s friend or relative. It is downright disgusting, crazy. No matter how she has a huggable ample behind that leaves a man imagining how to grab it, please resist the temptation. And mark my words, you will lose respect for yourself and risk losing the woman you love. In most cases, both women will sit down and compare notes on how you do it in bed and decide that your case is closed. So in looking for that extra piece of fun, please find a stranger and believe me, your dear wife might not smell a rat.

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Rule number two:
Never take your girlfriend to parties and public gatherings. This might sound funny, but men in Dublin are very notorious for leaving their wives at home and being seen all over the place with the girlfriends. Moreover, never date a woman from the same tribe or country as your wife. Rumours like these spread like wild fire and we should bear in mind that Dublin is full of busy bodies that are always waiting for the next gist. Guys this is pure common sense, if your wife is a Nigerian, why not go for an Irish woman or a Zimbabwean?

Rule number three:
Please choose the kind of class to go for. Some of our sisters are always waiting to prey on any unsuspecting men and will stop at nothing in destroying you once you try to dump them. These are the type that will call your dear wife and tell her of all the evils you did and the add ons: how “you come” and the words and sounds you scream out when you have reached that point of no return.

Most of all, I wonder how some guys reason. I had a boyfriend who tried to send the wife to London after ten years of marriage and this is a man who never asked the wife to visit friends in Dublin. Of course, after two trips, the poor Madam suspected and demanded a family holiday to London and that was the end of the trip.

In any case, cheating on your partner requires a lot of energy and more money spending. After all, guys ask yourself if it was worth it and what is there to be gained except that cheating is based on deceit and betrayal. In cheating, you will become a perfect liar, become anxious most of the time and you will spend time conniving. And really, if you love your wife, why not zip up your fly the moment you step outside your home and remember the day you met the wonderful woman you married?

By the way guys, every time you have that special squeeze with your girlfriend, just imagine how you would feel if your dear wife has discovered that you are a cheater and decides to have an affair just to spite you. Remember, it takes two to play the game and women in Ireland have better ways of coping with cheating men – some will join you in the game.

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