How to Catch a Cheating Husband

Having dated married men in Ireland, I have realized that it is very easy for them to cheat on their wives and fortunately get away with it. Ireland is a place whereby you can live next door to your husband’s girlfriend and not know it. In Africa, you would definitely know your neighbours well. Ladies, what I’m saying here is that you need to be alert. I’m going to help you catch that cheating husband.

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Let’s start with security guards. Obviously these people are notorious for not sleeping at home once they get a girlfriend, especially those who do night duty. If he is cheating on you, he will tell you that he’s doing overtime. Now ladies to make sure that he’s not lying you should demand to see his pay slip which should reflect more money and overtime. If he becomes aggressive and refuses with his pay slip then you know that you have him in a tight corner. Remember ladies I’m talking from experience.

Those who are not security guards will start dressing with care and watch out if he wears new underwear! All of sudden your man should not complain about wearing underwear from Pennys and starts wearing Calvin Klein! from Annots. Moreover he should not start wearing expensive perfume, unless if you suggest it. All these are signs of a man trying to impress his girlfriend. As for perfume, once you suspect that your man is cheating on you, you should start hugging him closely and smell him and his clothes for any unfamiliar perfume.

Ladies, some of these guys are so ridiculous to a point that they will remove the child car seat and toys from the back seat and throw them in the boot. Ask yourself why your man should suddenly require more space in his car by hiding the child’s car seat and toys.

We all know that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If your man suddenly loses his appetite and starts eating very little of his food, watch out. His girlfriend is cooking for him, and let’s hope, in this case, that you cook better than her. Otherwise things can get bad if your husband prefers to eat his girlfriend’s food than yours.

Now let’s talk about the mobile phone. Check it all the time – behind his back of course! Do it while he is sleeping. I know you might think I am crazy, but if you don’t check his mobile, who will do it for you? Besides, an honest man will not be bothered if you check his phone. If your man develops dodgy habits like whispering when answering his phone and hanging up quickly, then it’s strange because our African men are loud and this should be a shock to you.

Still on the mobile phone. If he deletes all incoming and outgoing calls and takes the mobile to the toilet then he is obviously expecting a call from you rival.

Last but not the least ladies, a cheating husband might start showing an interest in trying new styles in bed. Ask yourself why the sudden interest and where is he getting these ideas from. Sometimes the opposite happens; your man might squeeze you less and always complain of being tired. I tell you from experience, I’m yet to see an African man avoiding bedroom matters by claiming that he is tired! Our African men never get tired of this in-door activity unless, of course, he is getting it from outside.

Ok, now you have discovered that your man is cheating on you, what are you going to do about it? Maybe you should confront him or you let sleeping dogs lie? If you keep quiet then you must have a very good reason. Or better still start imposing restrictions on his movements. Guys, I know you are fuming at this stage, but there is absolutely no justification for cheating on your wife!

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