Herdsmen Attacks: Nigeria Third Most Terrorized Country

Due to incessant Herdsmen attacks and killings, Nigeria has been ranked as the world’s third most terrorised country in the world. The latest international study by Institute of Economics and Peace’s (IEP) that measures Global Terrorism Index revealed that Nigeria ranks after Iraq and Afghanistan, when four major factors were scored over a ten-year period (2006-2016). The categorization also included kidnapping and armed robbery.

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The factors are total number of terrorist incidents from various sources; total number of fatalities caused by terrorism; total number of injuries caused by terrorism; and approximate level of total property damage from terrorist incidents.

Nigerian government has largely treated herdsmen attack as clashes between farmers and pastoralist over arable lands, and has failed to categorize attacks and killings by herdsmen across the country as acts of terrorism.

In some instances, government through its security agencies have claimed that herdsmen attacking sedentary farmers are not Nigerians but itinerant herdsmen seeking pasture.

In general, the 2017 Global Peace Index finds that the world became more peaceful in the last year, however, over the last decade it has become significantly less peaceful.

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