All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) House of Assembly candidate, Chief (Dr.) Tony Azuya

Give Change a Chance: Xclusive Magazine Backs Azuya

All over the world, the media have been playing important role in politics, not just in exposing the excesses of politicians, but also in helping to influence decision of the electorate to vote credible candidates in elections.

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For example, in the UK, The Mirror has traditionally backed the Labour Party at every general election and The Times at a point had supported the Conservatives. In the US, Financial Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times and a host of other major newspapers in America openly endorsed Barack Obama in the run up to the 2011 Presidential election.

It is on the strength of this that Xclusive Magazine is taking side with one of the two Oshimili North Delta House of Assembly top contenders: All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) House of Assembly candidate, Chief (Dr) Tony Azuya against the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) House of Assembly candidate Barr. Princess Pat Ajudua.

One important lesson every Nigerian has learnt from the result of the presidential election, in which Nigerians of all religious persuasion and political leanings voted massively for General Muhammedu Buhari because of his integrity, is that 2015 elections are not about political parties but personalities. Delta State House of Assembly election is not a battle between APGA and PDP; it is a fight for change.

Princess Pat Ajudua’s almost eight years in the House of Assembly is characterised by massive looting and underdevelopment of the Local Government. Despite the fact that a whopping 880 million Naira has accrued to Oshimili North in Constituency Allowance in that eight years, it remains the least developed Local Government in Delta State. From Akwukwu-Igbo through Atuma, Illah, Ebu, Ukala, Ibusa, Okpanam down to Ugbolu, the length and breadth of Oshimili North is littered with abandoned projects. Oshimili North LG needs a new lease of life.

Ajudua’s sense of politics is to use threat and intimidation to get her way. It is an incontrovertible fact that the period preceding the eight years that Princess has been a State legislator, Oshimili North was a place of peace, warmth, freedom and filial brotherhood. It is no longer so now. Mrs Ajudua, in collusion with Peter Nwaoboshi, has presided over the rancorous, acrimonious and very bloody nature of Oshimili North politics, what is now generally known as Point and Kill Politics.

On 15 March 2015 in a political rally at Ogboli, Ibusa, Delta State, Mrs Ajudua and her political thugs openly brandished cutlasses and threatened to “kill” anyone who dared to stand on her way to victory in the 11 April House of Assembly elections. As a lawyer, Princess knows or ought to know that it is the inalienable right of every citizen to freely vote for whomever he or she wants in an election. Election is not a do-or-die affair and the electorate must not be intimidated.

Given all this, it is not surprising that in the run up to this House of Assembly election, Oshimili North voters have been taking a closer look at the other candidate – and they have decided to give him their massive support. The emergence of the APGA’s House of Assembly candidate Chief Tony Azuya has given the people of Oshimili North renewed hope for a better future.

It is almost divine that the man who is now poised to wrestle power from Mrs Ajudua is a security guru, the Chief Executive officer of Technocrime Security. Technocrime controls over 12,200 staff nationwide. Out of it, his kinsmen from Oshimili North make up about 15% of the work force. A man, who has been providing security all over Nigeria for over two decades, is more than capable of effectively securing lives and property in Oshimili North.

Character, they say, always matters in politics. Chief Azuya is a man of integrity and a man we can trust. His vision of Oshimili North with an effective and efficient healthcare services, transformed educational sector, extensive drainage rehabilitation and channelization of flood prone areas, provision of job opportunities, empowerment and basic skill acquisition, and an enhanced infrastructure and public utilities in the Local Government resonates with Xclusive Magazine and indeed with every well-meaning individual in the Local Government.

It is on the strength of this that Xclusive Magazine is throwing its weight behind Chief Tony Uche Azuya. After 8 years in the Delta State House of Assembly, we are of the opinion that Princess Pat Ajudua has failed Oshimili North and wasted its opportunities, and it will be a disaster of monumental proportion to allow her another four years. We are urging our teeming readers and all undecided voters in Oshimili North to vote overwhelmingly for Chief Tony Uche Azuya in the Delta State House of Assembly polls tomorrow, 11 April 2015.

Let’s give Change a chance!

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