Delta Avengers

Delta Avengers threaten bloody attack on Okowa, oil facilities

The ex-militants under the umbrella of New Delta Avengers (NDA), said they have returned to the creek to carry out bloody, destructive and vengeful attack against Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for impoverishing the State, especially the oil producing communities.

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The Delta Avengers, who described Governor Okowa as Pharaoh, said it is the only the extraordinary undertakings that can soften his devilish and hardened heart towards the state and the oil producing communities of the state.

The Delta Avengers, made up of ex-militants from the oil producing parts of the state, lamented that the decision to attack oil facilities in the state was after a critical review of events affecting the state and oil bearing communities.

In a statement by Delta Avengers Commanders from five ethnic nationalities that are oil producing include, Mr. Ujatto Etomi, Itshekiri, Ederikumor Brandy, Ijaw , Ekpeme Ujiro, Urhobo and Ebendo Eguogo from Ndokwa said that Okowa’s interest and governance mechanism in the state are only his Ika and Agbor people.

“We like to state very unequivocally that our grouse is not the federal government at this time, we see the efforts being made, even though little, to address issue in the region but our gross is with the state government which activities can lead to a bigger problem for Nigeria.”

According to them, “since two years now, we have watched the activities and policies of Okowa led administration and we have found that like the biblical Pharaoh, only extraordinary undertakings can soften his devilish and hardened heart towards the oil producing areas of the state. We not with sadness and regrets that while developmental efforts are going on in Rivers and other states of the Niger Delta, oil and gas bearing communities, town and villages in Delta are stagnant and slipping into abyss.”

“We have therefore decided to take destiny in our own arms by taking up arms and return to the essence of our agitations for the development of the state and oil producing communities in the state. Our return to the creeks starts on the 7th day of June 2017. This campaign shall be bloody, destructive and vengeful against the enemies of our people.”

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