City People magazine Publisher Seye Kehinde

City People Publisher, Seye Kehinde’s 50th Birthday Bash

 City People magazine Publisher Dr. Seye Kehinde (SK)

City People magazine Publisher Dr. Seye Kehinde (SK)

All roads led to Kudirat Abiola Oregun on Sunday, 3 May 2015 as the City People magazine Publisher Dr. Seye Kehinde (SK) hosted over 30 Artistes in a concert that was the climax of his 50th birthday celebration.

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Xclusive Magazine‘s Senami Adaba was at the event to gather xclusive scoops. The birthday concert, which started around 4pm, was proceeded by the birthday thanksgiving that took place last Friday.

ETAL Hotels and Event place in Oregun opened its doors widely as artistes from all sectors of the industry made it a date with the media guru who could not contain his joy and pleasure, as he welcomed his esteemed guests with his famous smiles.

The concert started with a roof-tearing performance by Nollywood actor Saheed Balogun, who took the audience by surprise when he mounted the stage and called on popular Juju Maestro Abel Dosunmu, popularly known as Mega 99, and his counterparts Segun Mabin and Dele Gold as back-up singers. Surprisingly, Saheed displayed his versatility to the amazement and pleasure of many.

Queen Ayo Balogun, the president of all Juju Artistes in Nigeria, was also amongst the celebrities that serenaded us into the night. While veteran Waka musician Queen Salawa Abeni also took the audience back in time with her old school but evergreen music!

The highlight of the evening came when the Anchors, Nollywood sultry actress, Liz Anjorin, Actor/Comedian Adebayo Tijani and Saheed Balogun thrilled the audience with rib-cracking jokes.

 Seye Kehinde's 50th Birthday Bash - 30 Artistes Serenaded!

Seye Kehinde’s 50th Birthday Bash – 30 Artistes Serenaded!

Entertainers could not stop talking of the media guru whom they described as their backbone. According to some of them, he has solidly been behind the success of entertainers both in the music and theatre genre of entertainment.

“I remember when I became the Queen of Juju, he supported me greatly and for that I remain grateful. He is like a father to most of us in this industry,” gushed Queen Balogun.

To Liz Anjorin, “Seye Kehinde is different from all the others. I mean in celebrity and investigative journalism. He is different and we respect him. I wish him a very happy life,” she said.

The Artiste that got the audience jumping with a mind-blowing performance was Mega 99, who performed energetically to the delight of all. His popular tunes received much accolade and vocal support from the audience. Liz did her popular Kofo Tinubu dance to the beats.

Other mind_blowing performances came from Dele Taiwo, Segun Mabi, Alhaja Salawa Abeni, St. Janet, Busola Oke (Eleyele) and several other upcoming acts! The evening’s success would probably not have been complete without the Duo performance of the two Queens…Salawa Abeni and Ayo Balogun!

The interesting evening was climaxed beautifully with a combined performance by all the artistes led by the juju president Ayo Balogun. SK couldn’t help but step onto the dance floor with some moves. Generally the celebrant had fun and it showed.

This is officially wishing him a happy birthday, from all of us at Xclusive Magazine.Xclusive Photos