Senator-elect Ben Murray-Bruce

Ben Bruce in Twitter Brawl with Angry Nigerians

This is definitely not the reaction Senator-elect and Chairman of Silverbird group Ben Murray Bruce anticipated when he took to his twitter handle: @benmurraybruce and relentlessly tweeted on the corruption and extravagance of the Government while highlighting at the same time via tweets the type of government that should be in place.

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He states that “I am not going to the Senate to make money, I have much more than I need. I’m going there to serve God by fighting for the good of Nigerians! It’s unacceptable for a Gov who inherited a surplus from his predecessor to leave debt for the incoming Gov and still want pension for life.
When we want to send athletes to Olympics we send our best not minding their ethnicity. Yet we consider ethnicity in choosing leaders! Duh!!! As I flew from Abuja Airport, I wanted to weep at the sheer number of parked Private Jets. Extreme wealth coexisting with extreme poverty!”

He did not stop there, but added: “The hottest place in hell should be reserved for Governors who live large at public expense while workers with children have not been paid! As far as I’m concerned, until all state workers are paid their salary, no gov, no commissioner, no SA should collect salary or allowance,” he said.

Bruce had joined other politicians to publicly confirm that the cost of running the government is so high while the masses are denied their dividend of democracy. He made many insinuations as regards the elites which he also happens to be, without doubt. But his tweets appeared not to have gone down well with some youths, who had to engage the Senator-elect in a twitter-brawl for they considered as hypocritical and patronising statements.

Many saw it as an opportunity to attack the Silverbird group chairman for what they consider his under performance as director general of the Nigerian Television Authority. Some Nigerians wondered why he didn’t transform NTA the way he has done with his Silverbird Television.

Kayode Ogundamisi a popular political commentator on Twitter said: “if you can assist Nigeria in getting to the root of the N8Billion NTA equipment scandal. That will be a great start for us.”

While another commentator BagDash, with the twitter handle: @dashmya, retorted: “oga pls stop all this acting u Wr Alive since 1999 stop forming as if u care about the masses.”

And Abiola (@Adunni_Abiola) fired another salvo: “Pls did Ben Bruce audition for a lead role in the movie “My Eye Just open” because Nig needs sincere minds nt actors.”

Many asked why he did not advice his kinsman President Jonathan while the reins of Government were in his hands: “Respect Sir. Were you able by chance to advice Mr Goodluck Jonathan in the same way, maybe he didn’t take to your advise.”

He was also accused of taking his time well and waiting to be voted in before making his remarks! According to many, he would soon change his tune and dance to the corrupt tune.

Well, if Bruce had thought that his anti-corruption tweets would endear him to the twitter populace, then he apparently did not know Twitter that well and someone with the twitter handle @Ayourb was quick to point this out to him.

“I think they didn’t tell this man @benmurraybruce what to expect on here. Twitter is a merciless & an unforgiving terrain. Anyway, welcome.”

Despite the angry bashing and words that came his way, the Senator elect did not relent, he concluded by implying that he could understand the anger directed at him and urged the angry youths on until change comes. “When I see anger in youths on Twitter, I’m inspired to make a change at the Senate. Don’t stop being angry until you see results you want!”

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