BASEBALL BAT MURDER: Jooda Akanbi, Biola and Taiwo Jamani

BASEBALL BAT MURDER: Akanbi Tells Court Fight was over Cheque Fraud Business, Not Over a Single Mother of Three

BASEBALL BAT MURDER: Jooda Akanbi, Biola and Taiwo Jamani

BASEBALL BAT MURDER: Jooda Akanbi, Biola and Taiwo Jamani. Photo credit:

DUBLIN, IRELAND –Jooda Akanbi (39), a Nigerian, charged with murdering another Nigerian Taiwo Jamani (45) with a baseball bat on 13 November 2013 on Main Street, Swords in Dublin, Ireland told court today, Wednesday 22 April 2015 that fight that led to the murder was over a Cheque Fraud Business

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The 39-year-old Nigerian claimed Jamani taught him how to make money fraudulently with cheques and that he had also offered to sell him land in Nigeria. But he later realized that there was no land and did not want to get involved with the cheques.

He also claimed that problem actually started when Jamani later came to accuse him of telling somebody about the cheque business proposal, an accusation Akanbi said he denied.

Akanbi said he later learned that the deceased had made a copy of his wife’s passport. He said he threatened to report Jamani to the gardaí if anything came of it. He said that Jamani had told him: “If I catch you, I will beat you.” He said that, on the day of the fight, he had run into Jamani when driving along the main street in Swords.

Akanbi testified: “He said to me: ‘Did you think you could hide, that I would never find you?’ I screamed to him: ‘What do you want from me?’ He punched me in the jaw straight away. I just hit him back.”

He agreed he had struck the fatal blow over Jamani’s head with a baseball bat taken from underneath Mr Akanbi’s BMW 5 Series.

“I can see the baseball bat hitting his shoulder. I just see him fall down,” he said. “I feel very bad. I feel sick every day.”

Akanbi’s account in the witness box contradicts the insinuations in the Nigerian community in Ireland that it was not the failed business link that strained their relationship, rather that Akande and Jamani were fighting over one single mother of three, one Biola. Taiwo was said to be romantically linked with Biola, who was already in passionate relationship with Jamani. The discovery provoked jealousy in the heart Jamani, which had led to the fight with fatal consequences.


BASEBALL BAT MURDER: Jooda Akanbi Photo credit: Irish times

An unconfirmed source had quoted Jamani’s close friend, Blessing Adeyemi as saying: “Jooda had accused Jamani of sleeping with his girlfriend, Biola, a single mother of three. But when I asked Taiwo (Jamani) if it was true, he told me that it was a lie. But the boy had been threatening to kill Jamani.”

Another unconfirmed reports gathered from eye witness account by Nigeria was quoted as saying: “On the day of the incident, Jamani had visited Biola’s home and had been sighted by Jooda who was driving pass the area.” An altercation then ensued, which then led to the fight that ended with Jamani fatally injured.

Akanbi of Ashton Avenue, Applewood in Swords is charged with intentionally or recklessly causing serious harm to 45-year-old Jamani on 10 October 2013. He is also charged with murdering his fellow Nigerian on November 13th, 2013, the date Jamani died in Beaumont Hospital Dublin, a month after he sustained the severe, traumatic brain injury.